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Prayer to Yemayá to open doors: A simple ritual with 3 elements

Prayer to Yemaya

Yemayá is the mother of all for the YorubaIn her Pantheon of deities, she is the fertile womb, giver of life, goddess of waters and blue tones. 

She is the Orisha owner of the sea and fertility, without her power we could not exist, because from her we emanate as beings on earth.  

Yemayá is loving, but at the same time very warlike, she defends her children with great impetus whenever they are in difficulty and they beg her with love and humility.  

This prayer is for you to ask him to help you have emotional, sentimental, spiritual and economic balance, having paths of health, love and abundance. 

Remember that faith drives all our orders and without it you cannot work.

This offering is an extremely simple prayer, but with it Yemayá will solve whatever she needs as long as she does it from the heart. 


How to make this offering?

  1. First, in a bowl or deep plate, you pour a little cornmeal.
  2. Then in a little water you dissolve indigo and begin to sprinkle that indigo water over the flour (without stirring). 
  3. You put that container in front of Yemayá, and if you haven't received it, you place it next to an image of the orisha or just in her name with the thought.
  4. You light the two candles invoking our mother Orisha and pray to her with this prayer.

Short prayer dedicated to the beautiful Yemayá:

Yemayá here is your daughter / or (say your name) asking for your blessing.

O Mother of the Waters! Great is your power, your strength and your light. Great is your love for your children, great is the wisdom with which you govern from all the seas and oceans.

I pray that my request reaches you, to open doors to happiness and development.

May you keep sadness, illness and fear away from my home.

May your greatness be the greatest wealth with which you bless me.

In you I place my faith and I beg you my request, be attended to according to your will, so be a mother.

What will we do after 7 days?

After 7 days you take that prayer to the sea or pour that flour in a place where nature is alive, that is, green and beautiful, like a mountain, forest or mountain.aña.

May this prayer to Yemayá give you open paths and may her blessing accompany you and favor you every day, do not forget to ask above all for health, and above all, thank you. 

Know these powerful rituals to mother Yemayá:

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