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What is head prayer? To refresh the mind and spirit

Head rogation

La head prayer can perform miracles and not only referred to the spiritual field, but this process is also linked to the physical and emotional well-being of each individual.

What is head prayer?

La Head rogation o Kobori eleda in the yoruba religion It is one of the most common ebbó (cleansings) in Santeria, which is used to refresh our Ori (head), cleanse our energies and clarify ideas.

We explain that the Ori symbolizes the head of a person in its most spiritual way and links luck with behavior, in the determination of the individual.

Ori is also an Orisha, it is the one that governs the destiny of each of the individuals in the world, and it is unique to each person.

It is located in the upper part of our body, in our crown because it is said that this is the closest point to Olodumare and so we can connect with him through Ori.

Benefits of the spiritual head prayer

La head prayer, then, it is directly linked to our head:

  • has many calming and enlightening purposes,
  • can eliminate insomnia and various conditions
  • clear the mind to be happier with our surroundings,
  • it also allows us to cleanse, purify, and help us in our spiritual growth.

Head spray, what is it for?

This ceremony is intended to refresh our orí and enhance understanding, understanding, tranquility and spiritual communication.

When we beg our heads our world restarts, it becomes pure, calm, it is as if we purify our soul, the tranquility and peace that we feel spiritually is magical and unique. An intrinsic connection with the energies of our Orishas.

In addition, it helps to correctly link the behavior with the person's guardian angel, and to establish their own defined needs.

Kobori eledá, the ceremony

Kobori eleda is in the Yoruba language, the ceremony of head prayer and that name is translated as follows:

  • Ko (should)
  • Or who)
  • Bo (Sacrifice)
  • Ori (Orisha)
  • Eledá (term used to define head)

Therefore, carrying out this process implies sacrificing the deity that lives in our head to obtain clearer thoughts.

La Head rogation establishes communication with Ori, to implore clarity when pursuing destiny.

Likewise, it is specified that this process can only be carried out by consecrated santeros or babalawos at specific times such as:

  • Necklace ceremony
  • Receive warrior or the hand of Orula: ikofá (women) or awofaca (man)
  • Kari Osha Ceremony (Becoming a Saint)
  • When an Orisha is received
  • In a consultation

In the consultations the Osha or Orisha can send it to be done to refresh and clarify the destiny of that person. Generally when an Olorisha needs to beg his head to be cool, he can.

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