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Belly Prayer on behalf of the Virgen del Cobre with a pumpkin

Belly praying with pumpkin

Generally, women face many problems in the lower part of the belly, which cause disorders in the reproductive organs.

This spiritual prayer is specifically addressed to women who want a pregnancy.
or are already pregnant and need the help and intercession of the Blessed Virgin of Charity of El Cobre to protect them during this period and during delivery.

Spiritual ritual of praying the belly with the help of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre  

who is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre
The Blessed Virgin of Charity of El Cobre

It is a very beautiful and simple ritual, but always placing all our faith, without faith nothing is possible, but with it everything is achievable and the impossible is received.

The praying of the belly with pumpkin is an effective and powerful ritual, we use this fruit because its powers will help us heal the belly, give it healing and protection.

Put all your love and trust in the Miraculous Little Virgin of Charity of Copper, talk to her and tell her about all your problems, obstacles, your sadness and poverty, your misfortunes, she will listen to you as a protective mother.

The Virgin of Charity always attends with joy and promptness, she is a compassionate and loving mother and she will not disappoint you. Cry out to her in true faith and you will receive her blessed help.

Ingredients for the pumpkin belly praying:

  • 1 small round yellow squash (choose healthy, pretty, flawless fruit)
  • Image of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre
  • Honey bee
  • White plate
  • River or serene water
  • Yellow square cloth
  • 2 yellow candles

How do we make this prayer of the womb asking the Virgin of Charity?

  1. First, you wash the pumpkin well and let it dry.
  2. Then you light the 2 candles in front of the image of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, in front of the Virgin you will do this ritual.
  3. You spread the pumpkin with plenty of honey and put it on the plate.
  4. You put the river water aside for when you need it, in case you can't get river water you do it with serene water. To know how to prepare the serene water I recommend you read this article by CLICKING HERE
  5. Also put the yellow cloth nearby, you should have everything at hand so that you can do the ritual without stumbling. Then you pray with love and devotion to the Virgin.

Prayer dedicated to Our Lady of Charity to intercede and fulfill our request:

Oh, Most Holy Virgin of Charity of Copper,
My Mother and Sovereign Lady,
with how much joy I come to prostrate myself at your feet! 
Before your Image we prostrate ourselves and ask you to give us strength, advice and protection, we humbly and fervently pray 
listen to this heartfelt prayer that we dedicate to you
and, in which with hope and enthusiasm,  
We ask you to watch over us and grant us your Peace, Love and sweet Blessing.  
Virgin of miracles! As our elders called you;

heals the sick, consoles the afflicted, encourages the desperate, preserves families from all misfortune, protects youth, protects children. 
Countless are the wonders that you work every day
in favor of the souls that invoke you, thus justifying trust and love
that all your children profess, that is why I go to you once again to ask you to be my powerful mediator and reach me from the Most High Lord of the Created, a solution to my desperate problem: (you ask what you need) 
Pray Hail, Hail Mary and a Gloria.

Let us pray with great faith ...

When you finish praying, you take the pumpkin and pass it over your belly always in a “right to left” direction 5 times.

Then you take the yellow cloth and wet it a little in the river water and wipe it on your belly, also 5 times and from right to left, cleaning your belly with great faith.

Then cover the gourd with that cloth and for 15 days in a row you will do this ritual, making the prayer and adding honey.

What do we do with the pumpkin when the ritual is over?

  • After the period of 15 days you put the pumpkin in the center of the yellow cloth, wrap it and tie the handkerchief making knots above the fruit.
  • You must deposit it in the river or under a very beautiful and leafy tree, always thanking, and asking that the bad thing in your life go away with that fruit.

Recommendations for praying:

Every day you will have to light the candles, do the prayer and the ritual of praying the belly.

If your prayer can be done at 12 pm much better, but I also recommend doing it at night before going to bed.

May the blessing of the Virgencita de la Caridad del Cobre accompany you, follow you and always support you when you perform this powerful prayer of the belly with pumpkin. May your wishes be fulfilled and with good health you achieve your request.

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