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Do you know what Belly Praying is? A powerful Spiritual Healing

Belly praying

How many times have you heard in the Rule Osha-Ifá religion that someone needs to do a belly prayer?

The belly is a delicate part of the body, so we must treat it with respect and know the practices that can help us to keep it healthy and in balance.

Many are the problems that can appear in the lower abdomen such as inflammation, vaginal bleeding, pain, signs of pregnancy, to name a few.

For this reason, almost all women who believe in our religion and cannot get pregnant go for consultation, also those who are pregnant so that everything goes well during their gestation period.

  • Not only women can pray, also men, although it is less frequent.

Why is a Belly Rogation done?

Belly praying is a sacred practice in Santeria, very useful and effective, it is in itself a spiritual healing.

Its objective It is to provide that the belly, in this case, receives healing and healing energies in order to solve the problems that appear in this lower area of ​​the body.

We must always turn to the "white coat" doctor as my godmother says and if the results we expect are not achieved we turn to the Orishas.

Depending on the Oddun that you mark in the consultation, they will recommend the prayer:

Often times it is always the Odduns scoring 5 (Oshe). Examples:

  • At Oshe Melli the patakin narrates that Oshun he stuffed the pumpkin (elegueddé) inside and begged for his belly with it.
  • In Ika MelliOshún also begs with the gourd on the belly to other women to procreate.

Many other signs mark praying of the belly but the Orishas should always be asked if with these praying works the person will solve their problem.

Who can or should practice belly praying?

Preferably these belly prayers are performed by the daughters of Oshún. They are usually the most indicated for this since Iyá Oshún is the protector of the belly in the Yoruba religion.

But this is not always the case because they can also be daughters of Yemayá or Oyá.

Which Orishas take charge of the belly prayers?

In general, the beautiful Oshún and Babá Obbatalá respond and are made at the foot of these Orishas.

Oshun She is the queen of rivers and fertility, mistress of love, healer of the sick and pregnant women, she is always merciful and helps when asked with love.

obbatala He is the owner of human creation, of intelligence, who brings health, peace and tranquility to the earth. He is the wise father who advises us and responds for us in difficult situations.

9 Ways to perform belly praying:

Almost all are governed by the same pattern, but the ingredients and their order make the difference.

The belly prayers They can be done in different ways and with various elements, for example:

  1. Belly rogation with pumpkin and honey. This is the most common.
  2. Belly praying with ribbons that usually have the colors yellow, orange, green, red, yellowish orange and each of these ribbons can be accompaniedañayou give bells
  3. Praying with fruits in number of 5 and belonging to Oshún.
  4. Praying with sweets and honey in the river carrying the Oshún soup tureen.
  5. Rogation with egg and cascarilla or egg and honey.
  6. Praying with yellow and white cloth.
  7. Praying with herbs and in this case they will be those that belong to the Orisha that supports the prayer.
  8. Praying with animals, which are almost always chickens or quail.
  9. Praying painting the Ozun of Oshún on the belly.

In almost all the prayers of the belly at the foot of Oshún, the water from its tureen is used and two yellow or white candles and the mat are essential.

There are infinities of ways to do the belly prayer because who determines how it will be done is the Orisha in the consultation, either through a Babalawo or an Olorisha.

I recommend that if you do not have knowledge of how to do these prayers it is better that you learn well through your elders so that you get to do it correctly.

Blessings to you, good health and ashé.

Some powerful works on behalf of Oshún that we can do:

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