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The Cuban Romerillo ≫ Plant of spiritual and medicinal benefits

Cuban romerillo

The romerillo, the mixture of intense whites, greens and yellows, the wild and friendly plant that can be found in many places in Cuba.

It is one of the kindest exponents of the plant kingdom, due to its components such as amines, steroids, sugars, flavonoids, potassium, calcium, and many others, important for human health.

Although in many countries the name "romerillo" refers to different species of herbs, in Cuba it is known under this name to the plant that has tubular and radiated flowers, tinged with yellow pistils in the center, which can also be used to decorate the house, gardens and locations for its unique and simple beauty.

Other common names by which it is known are White Romerillo or Yellow Romerillo. Its scientific name is Bidens hairy or the white rosemary Bidens alba Lin.

The romerillo is extremely spiritual:

Cuban romerillo flower
Romerillo flower
  • People like to bring romerillo home to attract love and happiness and eliminate bad energy.
  • The plant is a symbol of joy and simplicity, which is why many carry a small bouquet in the form of a talisman.

Romerillo and its ancestral benefits are surrounded by myths, which is why the plant is used for many purposes, from attracting good energy, relieving wounds, preserving teeth and eliminating toothache, to avoiding colic caused by menstruation.

In Santeria the owner of this plant is the goddess of honey Oshún

Romerillo is a plant that attracts good vibes, that adapts to any place and usually progresses in any setting, it has great strength to adapt to changes in nature.

For this reason, this plant is awarded properties to eliminate bad energy from the environment and to cleanse homes of disappointments and despair.

Romerillo is also one of the representative plants of the Yoruba Goddess of Love and Rivers, Oshun, so it is used in offal in its name and omieros (when the plants are extracted their sap a liquid called omiero is prepared).

By using this plant, the goddess is asked for her help in finding love and in eliminating the spirit of disease. Also its flowering is considered a sign of prosperity.

El Romerillo and its countless medicinal properties

According to specialists, no pill, no matter how effective, contains the number of properties that rosemary has.

Among these we can highlight:

  • fights throat conditions and tonsillitis
  • clean wounds
  • digestive action
  • antiulcer
  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • controls cough
  • bronchodilator
  • relieves toothache
  • helps to expel gases
  • laxative
  • antiviral
  • lowers cholesterol
  • purgative
  • sedative
  • antirust
  • Prevents thrombosis
  • Improves the body's defenses

It is usually consumed in the form of cooking, boiling the water and pouring the minced plant into it. Then they wait at least 15 minutes to consume.

You can also place the plant directly in the container with water and let it boil for the stipulated time.

Likewise, the part of the plant to be used can be placed in an aqueous or alcoholic medium for a period of no less than 24 hours and from then on it will be ready to use in cloths, gauze or bandages, soaked in a substance.

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