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4 Energetic Cleansing by placing Rosemary inside the house

Rosemary at home for luck

When we feel that our home is filled with scents of discomfort, restlessness and heaviness, it is likely that we need to clean and purify it of bad energies that may have accumulated.

Simple and common elements of our daily life, but with a strong spiritual connection and powers to banish negativity will help us to do an excellent cleaning and keep darkness out of our home.

We can carry out this cleaning if we come home feeling deeply tired, if there are many people circulating around the house continuously, when we do not sleep well or if we hear noises and the animals in the house are disturbed for no visible reason.

How to clean our home and eliminate the bad vibes with rosemary?

Rosemary inside the house
Rosemary plant

Rosemary is one of the oldest plants associated with magic, and is commonly used for energetic cleansing.

Did you know that with rosemary at home we can ward off bad vibes and activate good luck?

Its uses are linked to the revitalizing effect generated by its aroma, especially when its dry leaves are burned, which generates a positive and relaxed environment and neutralizes bad energies.

This plant has cleansing and purifying properties, and its burning clears negative energies. Rosemary is used especially for home protection and to attract good luck.

We can use it in different ways when doing energy cleaning, for example:

1. Spray rosemary water from the outlet to the main entrance of the home

For this form of spiritual cleansing, we boil rosemary leaves, water and salt in a pot for 10 minutes.

Once that time has passed, the mixture is left to rest and later it is taken to a glass container. Then we go to the back of the house and from there we spray that liquid up to the main entrance.

This will help to banish negative energies from the house and good luck to come.

2. Use rosemary leaves as incense, spreading good vibes

With the rosemary leaves you can also prepare a cleaning by way of incense. We can even join them with a handful of myrrh and a sprig of rue to make it more powerful.

With the windows closed, we mix these ingredients in the incense container and light it until the smoke extends to all the hours.abitations of the house

When we finish, we open the windows to let in fresh air and the negativity goes away.

But maybe you don't know this term. What is a incense?

  • Its spiritual purposes refer to generating smoke (generally with aroma) with special elements and great power to purify. It is in itself "that which is burned with the intention of smudging."

3. Plant rosemary in our house so that good energy flows

Also to clean the house of bad energies for a long time, it is recommended to plant rosemary in the house.

In spirituality, it is agreed that rosemary acts as a barrier that prevents the passage of bad vibrations and eliminates them when they approach.

In addition, the plant will help to keep our home fragrant and thus we will enjoy a pleasant and fresh environment.

4. Hang bouquets of rosemary so that the bad does not enter

Hang rosemary inside the house
Hanging some sprigs of rosemary prevents the evil eye from entering the home

Also to protect our home, we can hang bouquets of grass on the windows. It serves to protect you from evil and envy, and from all negative energy that is in the air, so that it stays outside the house.

We must remember that the evil eye is one of the most powerful evils, and also invisible, with just one look will be enough to carry heavy and dark vibes.

These twigs are not only powerful repellants of this evil, but they will prevent any type of witchcraft, spell, envy or bad wishes from reaching our person, family or home.

Rosemary is very effective, use it in the ways you want, it will help you maintain balance, good fortune and prosperity wherever you decide to place it.

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