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Rompezaragüey: Ewe to win a war ≫ Uses and spiritual works


The Rompezaragüey It is a sacred plant within the Yoruba Religion. It has purifying properties which are very useful in performing purification baths and ritual cleansings at home.

Bath with Rompezaragüey to defeat the enemy

The religious uses it when he wants to defeat an enemy, so he makes an omiero (spiritual water based on herbs) with which he later baña.

In this way, the essence of this plant is impregnated in the body of the santero and through its attributes it manages to emerge unscathed and victorious from the battle it faces.

Offal, cleaning and sanctification with the branches of this plant

The Rompezaragüey is used in offal as it is an efficient element to scare away bad energies and dark spirits.

For this, its branches are used those that have the greenest leaves and are more vigorous.

The spiritist gently shakes the religious with the leaves by means of which he invokes the protective guides of the person by means of prayers.

Uses of Rompezaragüey in Palo Mayombe

In Palo Mayombe, the use of this plant in their consecration ceremonies is essential, since it is necessary for the initiate in this sect to apply seven consecutive baths before taking the oath.

In this way he arrives with the astral purified of bad energies, ready to start a new religious course in his life.

A branch of Rompezaragüey behind the door protects the ilé from sorcery

The Orisha who owns Rompezaragüey is Shango the king of thunder is a very strong and vigorous plant as it possesses the vital energy radiated by this deity of Osha.

For this reason it is the Ewe indicated for the protection of the home.

The santero takes some small branches of this tree, he must choose those that have greater vitality or are greener, with these he makes a feather duster that is tied with a red ribbon, brandy and tobacco smoke are blown on it and arranged hanging behind the the front door of the house.

This work is carried out with the blessing of Kawó Silé, the name with which Shangó is also identified in the Osha.

The Rompezaragüey feather duster keeps bad energies and curses away from home. This must remain in the same place until the leaves wither, at which time it can be replaced by a similar one to which the same procedure is carried out.

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