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Do you know the mysteries of the Rose of Jericho? The plant that resurrects

Rose of Jericho meaning

Mystery and stories surround this plant in an extraordinary way. A rose that resuscitates despite completely withering ...

There are several legends that fall on the Rose of Jericho, since it is said that, for centuries, this plant has been the protagonist of numerous spells and the most amazing magical rituals.

It is said that, in the XNUMXth century, a Catalan knight named Guillaume returned from the crusades with various plants, convinced that they had magical properties.

When he got home he saw that his son had become ill and had leprosy, so, trusting, he placed the rose of Jericho in holy water and left it for 9 days.

After these days she asked her son to wash his face with her. Legend has it that the boy was cured almost immediately.

Legends that haunt the magical plant

Rose of Jericho in dry state
Dried rose of jericho

The Catholic Church also has some data on the Rose of Jericho. It is said that when Mary and Joseph were forced to flee their home by Herod's persecution, in order to save the child Jesus from the slaughter ordered by the tyrant king, they had to cross the desert.

When they finished their journey, Mary got off her donkey and at the same moment a flower appeared at her feet and the Virgin told Joseph that the plant came out to greet the Child Jesus.

On another occasion, Jesus was praying in the desert and had not drunk a drop of water for days. As he did so, a flower ended up on his feet.

The wind brought the Rose of Jericho to him. Hours passed and there was not a drop of water anywhere.

Then night came and the humidity of the desert night caused the dew drops to stay between the branches of the flower and in that way he could drink.

It is said that when Jesus died crucified, all the Roses of Jericho were dry. But like Him, three days later they were resurrected and were green again.

Curiosities and meaning of lto Rose of Jericho

Rose of jericho

La Resurrection Rose

The Rose of Jericho It is native to the deserts of Arabia and areas bañadas by the Red Sea, it is a fern of great resistance to desiccation.

His legends and his nickname as Resurrection Rose They come from the plant being able to dry out completely and re-emerge when it comes into contact with water.

It is not only known as the rose of Jericho, but it is also called doradilla, which means precisely, the resurrection plant.

This last nickname once again reaffirms all the magical ideas that surround it.

What properties does this plant have? Why is it resurrected?

However, its ability to resurrect comes from the Trehalose molecule, which is also found in some marine algae and fungi, and is in its care, hydration or dehydration of organisms.

Rosa de Jericó is also a name associated with the city of Jericó, which about 2000 years ago was an important commercial center in which, among many other things, medicinal and aromatic plants were issued.

The Anastatica hierochunticaScientific name for the Rose of Jericho, it has the ability to revive once dry.

When it is in an unfavorable climate, its leaves and flowers begin to fall, the roots are untied from the ground and the dry parts bend to form a bulge at ground level.

And not only does it revive when it comes into contact with water, it also travels for miles with the help of the wind.

How can we grow this powerful plant?

The Rose of Jericho it is grown very simply and practically in any country or type of climate, as it is very resistant.

We can plant it in our garden or have it in our home, its protective powers will also act in the space where we place it as an element for good luck and to scare away bad eyes.

The requirements to get it to settle on the ground and grow are few:

  • During the first stages of growth, it is recommended to place it in areas protected from the winds, so that it does not move.
  • The Rose of Jericho needs sun.
  • It must be humid to stay green, therefore, the waterings must be adapted to it.

Not only spiritual, it also has medicinal properties

It is also known medicinal properties that help the healing of our body.

For these benefits, the Rose of Jericho has been used for centuries in rituals against numerous ailments.

In the aspects that this plant can help the most is with wounds, as it helps them heal faster.

In addition, it has diuretic properties and is used in the treatment of diseases of this type.

What creences are associated with the Rose of Jericho?

It is said that, in the ancient era, the Rose of Jericho was used spiritually in numerous matters.

For example:

Weather fortune teller

  • It was used as a weather diviner because the plant changes shape with respect to the humidity of the environment.

This allowed us to accurately forecast what the weather would be like for the next few days.

If the plant was dry and closed, it meant they wouldn't see any rain anytime soon.

On the contrary, if it started to open up and turn green, they would soon enjoy abundant rainfall.

Power over childbirth and longevity

  • Arab legends, meanwhile, say that the flower influences the birth of women.

It was also said that it gave people longevity, a myth that has also spread in Spain.aña and Mexico.

Protector of homes and provider of good fortune

  • Likewise, the Rose of Jericho is still considered sacred and magical.

Due to the characteristics associated with it, it is believed that the plant absorbs the negative energies of the place and transformed them into good vibes and luck and fortune for those who are in that physical space.

This plant has been used for so many years that it has acquired various magical uses. One of the most prominent is that it has the property of blessing and protecting houses.

Furthermore, it is believed to have the ability to attract luck, money, and fortune in business.

For this reason, many people plant this spiritual plant in their homes and also decorate their workplaces or businesses with it.

The Rose of Jericho in Cuba

There are many versions that exist about the entry into Cuba of this peculiar fern.

Some say that it came from the hands of Moorish emigrants from Puerto Rico to Santiago de Cuba, more than 200 years ago.

Others report that the first plant was transferred from Jerusalem to the city of Cienfuegos at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, by the priest Monsignor Manuel Ruiz.

There is also a story about a Syrian merchant who, while passing through Matanzas, gave a specimen of the plant to a woman who was pregnant so that she would have a safe delivery.

On the Island, the spiritual properties of this plant are also taken into account and it is planted in many houses, in order to obtain its protection and eliminate negative energy.

Likewise, the Rose of Jericho is used in rituals to attract love and economic prosperity.

We dedicate this prayer to the "Rose of Jericho"

Prayer to the Rose of Jericho
  • For this, the following prayer for the Rose of Jericho is used on numerous occasions:

I adopt you, Flor de Jericó and I welcome you to my home, so that your wandering through the deserts ends and you find in this humble home your definitive mansion.

I give you the name of (choose a name that you like or have a special meaning) and I promise to always take care of you.

I beg you to protect my house from all evil, for the blessing that you received from Jesus and his infinite mercy.

Divine Rose of Jericho, for the blessing you received, the virtue that you enclose and the power that Jesus' love and his infinite mercy gave you

I beg you to help me find luck on my way and to tie it tightly to me, so that it never leaves me.

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