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Rosa Zayas Oyá Ladde "The Crown of Oyá» and its history in the Osha

Rosa Zayas

Rosa Zayas is currently an icon of good fortune within Cuban music, mother of the outstanding Cuban sonero Adalberto AlvarezAs he himself referred, he was a very self-sacrificing person and dedicated to others.

He devoted himself to music in its beginnings empirically and then professionally.

One of the greatest achievements that Rosa referred to in her life was motherhood, she put all her love and hopes into her son and despite the distances that existed between her and Adalberto due to work issues, she always gave him her blessing.

She was a great admirer of his music and became a critical ear for his songs.

Referring to her death, he said that the loss of a mother could not be described in words, that he recommended that children love and respect their mothers, because one must love one's mother.

The legend of Rosa Zayas within popular music

She was an intuitive and very spiritual woman, those who knew her affirm that she had a lot of ashe and where she put her eye she put the bullet.

As a result of the invocation that Adalberto Álvarez made to his mother in his iconic song «And that you want them to give you»when he mentions his holy name Oyá Ladde, the custom of mentioning her in dance music themes was created.

This is how Rosa Zayas emerged as a legend, to whom many soneros continue to cling, who invoke her so that their songs become hits within popular dance music.

Rosa Zayas Cuban santera and spiritualist

Although Rosa Zayas did not dedicate herself to working with Santería, she had a spiritual gift of noticing, since each prophecy she gave, each piece of advice and warning ended up being fulfilled.

The joy and love of dance They were two of his great virtues, positive thinking and the desire to live were the weapons he used to face the world and confront moments of anguish and pain with the best of smiles.

Oyá lade: Pink wore the crown of Oyá

Rosa had crowned Oyá, the Orisha owner of the winds and queen of the cemetery.

His saint name was Oyá Ladde, Yoruba term meaning the crown of Oyá and really on the plane of the earth Oyá He gave her a crown and much more than that.

It allowed her to lead a life in which she saw many of her dreams come true, this santera loved her guardian angel and when it was her turn to Oyá, was the first to get up to dance in his name.  

  • We share below one of the most popular musical themes, known under the name of: And what do you want them to give you?, where his son Adalberto Álvarez mentions his name.

Lyrics of the song by Adalberto Álvarez y su Son And what do you want them to give you?

ya mi ile odo
ya mi ile odo
gbogbo ache
And ché mi sa ra mavó eee
ya mi ile odo

ya mi ile odo

They came from Africa and among us remained all those warriors who passed into my culture.

Obatala Las Mercedes,
Ochún is Charity,
Santa Barbara Chango
and from Regla is Yemayá,
the ceremony will start
let's do charity.

The house is full and there is no room for more,
and everyone wonders what Elegguá will say:
he opens the paths, that's the truth,
let's give him coconut to see what he gives us.

People go out, people come
and everyone asks for what suits them.
I'm going to ask for what's good for my mom
and for my family the tranquility,
that everyone on this earth
Behave yourself and the war is over.
There are people who tell you that they don't believe in anything

and they go to see each other in the early morning'
do not be sorry, ask for you,
Do not ask for bad things that you will regret.

And what do you want them to give you?
Rosa Zayas: my mother… Oyaladde
Gloria Andrew

Tell me what do you want them to give you,
ask Changó to make you feel good.

From Africa they came and among us they remained,
That's why ask your saint, ask your saint again

I'm going to ask for you (just in case) the same as you for me
If I know we love each other, how can I not do it that way.
I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart, I'll ask for the best for you, the best,
and I repeat that I, I, I will ask, the same as you for me

And to love you forever in my life I will find the way, the same as you for me.

And what do you want for me?í? (is repeated)

Holy Bárbara Blessed, Ochún is Charity
And to see the open road you have to talk to Elegguá
make sure make sure
With Oggun and with Changó, with that I win you.

Yanza Jekua Jey, Yanza.

For all the religious of my Cuba and of the world, we are going to sing to the Orishas
And we are going to start with Elegguá, and look how the chorus says:
Elegguá ko Elegguá ko aña

wing wing I Ye ma san nkio, Elegguá ko aña
Elegguá Elegguá aso kere – kere me yé, Elegguá Elegguá alaguana kilambonche.

We come with Obatalá, so that he gives us a lot of peace and a lot of tranquility, and see how the choir says:

Obatala A wini wini
Ay says that Obatalá gentleman is here, wini wini.

Obatalá wini wini, is wini wini 
Eastá wini wini Obatalaá (Is repeated).

We sing to the owner of the world, we are going to sing to Yemaya
And we are going to ask for water for Yemaya
But what water, aguita pa' Yemayá
Water for Yemaya
Yemayá asesu asesu Yemayá (3x), water.

Winds, good winds with the very Oyá
And see how the chorus says pa' Oyá
Oyá Oyá Oyá ileus
Oyá mo ba loroke
But what Oyá I will go
But what Oyá I will go
Oyá Oyá Oyá ileus

Oyá mo ba loroke
yansá the tererema
yansá the tererema
Oyá Oyá Oyá ileus
Oyá mo ba loroke
yansá ma tereema
yansá ma tereema

Well, ladies and gentlemen, so iron doesn't touch me and I don't touch iron I'll tell you one thing, look!
Where are the children of Oggun going? for the war
Hey, but where are the children of Oggun gentleman going? for the war
Hey pa' where it takes me, pa' where it takes me, pa' the war
Pa' where (4x)

You who are such a miraculous and all-powerful saint, my old Saint Lazarus
Look how the old pal choir says:
baba baba soroso,
hey but that Babae Baba soroso
sorous slime,
baba baba soroso
I'm singing pretty to you and look how I enjoy it
Babae baba soroso, I am asking for your blessing for being such a miraculous saint.

Palo Mayimbe that takes me to the hill
People are saying that I have a house there on the hill
Palo Mayimbe that takes me to' the hill
Hey, but pa' that you call me, takes me pa' the hill
Ah, they don't take me na', they take me to the hill (6x)

The time has come to sing to the Patron Saint of Cuba
The daughters of Ochún with their hands up
Because you don't know, you don't know what you are since you came out of your mother's womb, do you know' what are you mommy? Apetebi Orula
Because you dance with tremendous flavor, Apetebi Orula
The blessing of the daughters of Ochún
, Apetebi Orula
Yeye to the molé epi
Yeye to the molé epi

Ladies and gentlemen, let's sing to Monkey
And look how it says, and whoever has something red, take it out
I repeat, whoever has something red, take it out, go!
And whoever has something white, take it out!
And whoever has a Changó necklace, take it out!
And whoever has Orula's hand, take it out!
and whoever has cascarilla, take it out!

Whoever messes with me messes with Changó! There is a sunga rungue
Not with me, with Chango!
Don't get involved mamasita, don't get involved anymore
If you don't know why you mess with me?
Repeat my chorus (2x)
Oh God! Get over there over there, not with me!
And what do you want for me?í?
Peace and tranquility I ask Obatalá

Mrs. Omitaguadde my song goes to you

Yanza Jekua Jey, Yanza Jekua Jey
Awo Iboru, Awo Iboya, Awo Ibosheshe

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