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La Ruda ≫ Prodigious plant with powerful magical-religious roots

Ruda magic plant

Rue is a plant Native to the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia, although its roots developed far from our culture, its cultivation and subsequent use has spread to the American continent, Ruda has numerous properties, among them its therapeutic-medicinal skills and magical-religious.

Currently the use of this ancient plant in the mystical field extends from astral projections to its presence in the elaboration of spells and potions, where it can be the protagonist or be found accompanyingañagives other auxiliary plants such as Romero to cite an example.

Some magical properties that rue possesses

Magical properties of rue
Plant the Rue

Rue has numerous magical properties, among which we find its use in spells and potions, it is not uncommon to observe its use in love and closeness rituals, in the same way that its spiritual potency may be required in performing invocations, spoils and exorcisms.

This plant is famous for behaving like a magnet capable of attracting money and prosperity.

It is also known for its effectiveness in warding off negative influences and dark spirits.

Where to place rue in the home in order to obtain protection?

In order to obtain protection, it is indicated to sow said plant in the garden and little by little to spread it around the patio of the house.

The ideal would be to sow it around the house in order to establish a protective circle where the dwelling is the guiding axis of the same and that in this way the home is protected from any type of disturbance.

Ritual with Ruda leaves to purify negative energies from the mind and soul.

An effective ritual against negativity and depressive rumination consists of placing rue leaves on the forehead.

For this, the person involved must be previously lying supine (lying on his back) on a comfortable surface.

Before starting the ceremony, the devotee must be in a cordial and calm environment, he will place the Ruda leaves on his forehead as we mentioned before, he will close his eyes, beginning to release all those thoughts and feelings that disturb him. letting only good memories prevail in his mind.

The religious should hold in the remembrance of his memories only the happiest moments of his life regardless of the age in which they occurred, in this way his astrality rises and the energy begins to flow in order to attract prosperity, health and many other blessings. .

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