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Rue, a plant with a powerful tradition

Rude spiritual meaning

The rue It is one of the most used plants in the santeras practices over the years, for its spiritual meaning, its medicinal uses and the mystical powers that are attributed to it.

It is a plant native to southern Europe, which has been widely used in cooking and medicine, as an excellent condiment for sauces or flavorings and for its contribution of vitamin C.

Today, it is present in numerous Cuban houses and gardens for its smell and its flowers, in addition to its multiple uses.

As a curious detail, the rue in the Middle Ages, it was used as a remedy against witchcraft as it was said to eliminate curses.

And that legend has endured over time because it is currently said that the magical properties of the Brown They include protection against spells, curses and the evil eye, as it easily absorbs bad vibrations and attracts positive energies.

Rue, medicinal uses

This plant also has numerous medicinal uses. For example:

  • Tones the arteries and protects the capillaries
  • Has properties that aid digestion
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Calms the pains
  • Reduces fluid retention, promoting weight loss.

Rue, spiritual meaning

The rue It is widely used today in the Yoruba religion for cleansing, spoiling, to make the omiero of the Orishas etc., since it eliminates negative energies and attracts prosperity when things do not go well.

In addition, its medicinal and relaxing properties provide peace and tranquility.

In the spoils, the rue It is used to undo the bad energies that are related to the emotional aspects of people.

It is also said that carrying a few sheets of Brown In your pocket or wallet, it can help counteract negative energies and the evil eye.

Equally, the santeros They use this mythical plant to eliminate economic barriers and to open the path to well-being and direct success.

A rue plant at the entrance of the house, or in the garden is a repellent against evil spirits, absorbs all negativity and collects the evil that tries to enter our home, even absorbs the bad energies of people, who consciously or do not want to hurt us.

Characteristics of rue, a miracle plant

There are two species of rue: male, which has a larger leaf, and female, whose leaves are smaller.

Both are used in spells and spells, but there are doubts about what type of rue to use depending on the spell and its magical properties.

How to plant it?

When planting it there are some specifications to take into account:

  • you shouldn't be grumpy
  • its properties and powers must be firmly believed
  • You should dedicate time and attention to it, water it daily and place it where it gets the sun.

Due to the great spiritual value that this plant possesses, we must pay attention to our energies, it is capable of providing us with energy balance and providing us with well-being.

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