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Do you know how to attend the Orisha Warriors correctly?

How Warriors are cared for

When the 4 warrior Orishas are delivered in the Yoruba cult, they must be placed in the home of the initiate, so that they always protect him in adversity and help him face them.

To receive the Warriors in our life is to accept the Ashe that they offer us, therefore we must know how to attend them, always with faith, gratitude and devotion.

This powerful group is on a mission to face troublesome situations and always seek victory.

Eleggua, Oggun y oshosi They are located in most cases behind the main door and Osún in a higher place than the head of the initiate.

Furthermore, the attention to the warrior Orishas It is extremely important to be able to count on their support in the face of difficulties. It is a way of thanking you for your blessings.

The Orisha Osun He cannot stagger or fall, as this indicates that his protégé's life is in danger or that there may be serious illnesses on his way and in that case, he should contact the sponsor quickly.

How are the Warriors cared for?

To give you a proper attention to the four Orishas warriors, the specifications of the sponsor must be taken into account in each particular case.

In addition to these details, as a general rule, orishas warriors attend on Monday. On those days a candle is lit and brandy is sprinkled with their mouths.

Then they are spread with corojo butter, and gourds or glasses with coffee and water are put on them.

Of course, the candle that is lit to pray must be extinguished before leaving the house, as it will have already fulfilled its mission within the attention to the warrior Orishas.

This powerful group is asked for their protection while the ceremony of care takes place. Health, luck and prosperity in life are implored from them.

Asking the Orishas Warriors for prosperity and Ashe

The Santeros emphasize that it is not advisable to ask the warriors for evil for any person, one must always ask for good for everyone.

What to ask the Warriors?

Let us ask that they give us strength, protection and stability, that they give us health and that they free us from all evil in the path of life, that they prevent bad influences and evil spirits and that they do not allow envy, evils and problems to be come closer to us.

And to ask for protection and prosperity in life, the attention to the warrior Orishas should include, in the case of choose, put in its receptacle whistles, money, candies and other trinkets that the saint adores, while Oggun, you must doajáriveted with nails or horseshoes.

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