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4 Simple «Home Incense» to protect our home

Homemade incense

To rid our space of bad vibes and remove dark energy from the home, there are numerous methods, some more complex than others.

One of the simplest ways to protect our house and clean it from bad energy, is through incense.

This method is used to burn different herbs with powers to take away the bad vibes and purify spaces. With the aroma and smoke that it gives off, very effective cleaning can be done.

To do the energetic cleansing with incenseWe only need the herb or the essential oil of the plant that we decide to use to burn it in a clay pot or other containers that are used for these purposes.

Although you can also make bundles of herbs to smoke, this is done with the already dried herbs and then wrapped with a cord or thread.

It is recommended that the plant that we decide to use is dry and not freshly cut, in this way it burns much better.  

How do we clean? What you should keep in mind

  1. We start at the back of the place to be cleaned and we must walk through the habitation covering the entire space. If it's in the house, we start from the back towards the front door.
  2. We move the smoke from the corners of the habitation, where the bad energies are concentrated, up to the ceiling and we repeat this process in each habitation and also around the door.
  3. Keep in mind that the house, business or space that we decide to clean is free of people, we choose a moment of peace and thus avoid that people circulate while we do the ritual.
  4. The house must be clean and organized, so that everything flows.
  5. It is preferable to do it in the mañana, or while the sun is out, so we take advantage of that energy.  

When finished, we let the herbs used outside the home burn completely. This way we make sure to maintain a clean environment of bad energies.

Very powerful homemade incense that we recommend:

To clean the home following the incense method, it is recommended to use 4 powerful plants for their energetic and spiritual benefits, we talk about:

  • Sandalwood,
  • the rosemary,
  • the palo santo and
  • the rue.

Rosemary incense to ward off bad vibes

Homemade rosemary incense

Burning rosemary leaves is one of the best ways to cleanse our home of bad energy.

With the windows closed, we place the twigs of the plant in the incense container and light it until the smoke spreads to all the windows.abitations of the house

When finished, we open the windows to let in fresh air and expel negativity.

Sahumerio with “Palo Santo” so that well-being arrives

Palo santo incense sticks

The palo santo has really very powerful energies, so it is recommended to light a palo santo and smudge it throughout the house, to improve the accumulated energy.

The aroma of palo santo is possessor of such strong spiritual powers that it will banish bad energy from home and call for fortune and well-being.

Keep in mind that, to clean properly, you must always walk from the exit and towards the front door so that the cleaning spreads to all corners. This is very important.

Incense with sandalwood for tranquility

Homemade sandalwood incense
Herbs bundles to smoke

Sandalwood purifies and relaxes the environment of our home.

Sandalwood essential oil is usually used for incense, as the smell spreads and reaches all areas of the house, facilitating meditation and spiritual peace.

In addition, cleaning homes with sandalwood drives away negative charges and eliminates bad odors that can concentrate in the rooms.abitation

Incense with rue against the dark energies

Rue incense
The Ruta graveolens plant, commonly called rue

Rue is an extremely powerful plant and widely used in esoteric and spiritual rituals to eliminate bad vibes from any physical space.

Even when we have a rue plant planted in the house, neither envy nor bad eyes enter the home, nor the bad wishes of the enemies or any dark energy that disturbs the tranquility.

If the plant dries up, it means that it has fulfilled its function and has collected a large load of dark energy, in which case we must thank and plant another.

Burn Rue in the form of incense purifies and cleans the home and brings peace and tranquility to the environment to eliminate fatigue and discomfort that we may suffer.

But above all things, the dark vibe will go out the door taking all kinds of obstacles, diseases or misfortunes that surround our space.

Other ways to clean the home or other spaces: 

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