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Magical-religious properties of Salvia ≫ Plant that protects

Salvias esoteric properties

Sage It is an autochthonous plant of the European continent, it was brought to America as a result of the process of conquest and transculturation, becoming part of our roots in natural and traditional medicine at the same time that it flooded the kitchens to be noticed in the midst of culinary art.

Sage, esoteric and spiritual properties

Spiritual sage
Salvia officinalis, commonly called sage

This beautiful plant has multiple mystical properties, among which its healing effect stands out.

Salvia is believed to be an energy plant that creates a renewing influence in mainly closed spaces.

Sage It is responsible for promoting the movement of stagnant energies and allowing them to flow easily, because with this action the religious attracts development and prosperity in his home.

Driving away negative energies ...

There are numerous purification rituals in which Salvia is used as a key piece, this plant is useful for performing ritual cleansings and astral baths, although its main power lies in the manufacture of aromatic oils which are effective in driving away bad vibes.

Healing incenses

Salvia incense It is very useful to find concentration, it is used in relaxation sessions, therapies that help reduce stress levels in the body.

It is also used during meditations, exercises that favor the strengthening of spirituality linked to the inner self, the fulfillment of dreams and the virtue that is forged in character and discipline.

Amulet that protects from evil eyes

Salvia is a natural amulet against the evil eye and other sorceries, carrying a small white bag with sage leaves inside is the perfect shield against hexes and disturbances.

Tradition reveals that the home that is purified with Salvia cannot be invaded by the forces of evil and its inhabitants will remain unharmed from the lurk of the osogbos that roam the earth.

Magnet that brings abundance

The aromatic plant takes possession as a magnet to attract good fortuneThis is why it is believed that this is one of the herbs that should not be missing in the home of any religious, many plant it in their gardens and once it is lush they begin to use it in their own rituals.

It is valid to emphasize then that Salvia has properties capable of influencing health and the human body, at the same time that it offers its virtues to enhance man spiritually, developing its benefits in the human being on the physical and astral plane at the same time.

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