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Invoking Saint Acacio to relieve migrationaña and the headache

Prayer to Saint Acacio for headache

Saint Acacio is the saint invoked to relieve those headaches and migrations.añas that we usually suffer on multiple occasions and that are extremely annoying. To him, we pray for quick relief.

This saint was a Roman general from the time of Hadrian and Antoninus who suffered a serious defeat. But one day an angel appeared to him who, in the name of the God of Christians, predicted victory if he believed in him.

Thus he overcame and converted to the Christian faith. Saint Acacius is, along with Saint Mucio, the only authentic martyr of Byzantium, in ancient times.

He was arrested for being a Christian, tortured, and then taken to Byzantium where he was flogged and beheaded. But he never renounced his Christian faith and that is why today he belongs to the group of the 14 Holy Helpers.

Acacio, a saint of immense faith and miracles

San acacio

The dates of Acacio's birth and death are unknown today. But it is said that he lived at the time of the persecution of Decius in the third century and that he was summoned before the tribunal of Marciano to prove his faith.

Knowing that he was a Christian, they condemned him to death, after suffering a long martyrdom and considerable suffering. And it is that Acacio was famous for his brilliant doctrinal teaching and for performing important miracles.

In fact, it is said that the crown of thorns, which is a symbol of Saint Acacio, was part of his torture and that they later tried to stone him and his companions. But miraculously, the stones did not reach them and they returned towards those who had thrown them.

After seven days in another prison, he was transferred to Byzantium covered in wounds. And during this journey, a consoling voice was heard from the clouds

«Acacius stand firm».

The soldiers heard it and were terrified and many fellow prisoners, who heard the voice, embraced the Christian faith.

Finally, after the angels healed his wounds, he was beheaded.

Prayers dedicated to the Martyr Saint Acacio to provide us with healing

The martyr San acacio is

  • patron of the soldiers,
  • protective in life threatening or desperate situations,
  • to have strength in the face of doubt,
  • against headache.

That is why we pray to Saint Acacio to relieve our pain and help us face suffering. He is invoked before migrañas and severe headaches.

If we feel harassed by any of these ailments we must raise the following prayer:

Prayer to relieve headaches and migrainesañas:

Brave martyr of Christ, Saint Acacio,

that you preached Christ faithfully

before kings and judges,

and you were victorious over the enemies of God:

Help me through your powerful intercession

to resist and obtain victory

over all the enemies of my salvation,

about the world and its attractions,

over the temptations of satan

and about the pain that grips my body.

I turn to you today and ask for your relief

of the suffering they cause me

headaches and migrainesañas.

Relieves tension in muscles,

blood vessels and nerves in my head and neck.

Release the peace in my body

and get me to sleep and recover.

Cure my headaches now

and prevents them from becoming chronic and migrationsañaif they come back,

Well, although my pains are not unbearable

they wear me down and cause suffering.

Saint Acacio glorious saint,

I have an immense faith in your healing power,

and for alleviating my suffering I thank you.

I pray for my healing in Jesus name!

May your power bathe me, cleanse me and heal me!

Renew my body and fill me with energy!

I also pray that these headaches

never stop me from loving others.

Protect my vulnerable body

of the things in this world that threaten me!

Oh God, what makes us happy

with the memory of your blessed martyrs,

Acacio and his companions;

I beg you to inflame me by example

of those whose merits we rejoice.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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