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Saint Alejo and his teaching of Humility ≫ Learn about the miraculous prayers to the Saint

Saint Alejo Santo

Jesus said: "Blessed are the poor in spirit because theirs is the Kingdom of heaven."

And that has been one of the most used phrases to describe the life of Saint Alejo, the humble man who gave his heart to Christ and who renounced material goods to live a life of dedication and prayer.

The teaching of the life of Saint Alejo it is that to obtain humility humiliations are needed and that pride is a sin, dedication to good works is needed to fight against it.

Who was Saint Alejo? Patron of beggars and the sick

Saint Alejo
Saint Alejo

Saint Alejo He was the son of a rich Roman senator, so his parents educated him and always taught him the importance of faith and humility in the human being.

They always instilled in him the importance of helping those in need, since those gestures become treasures for heaven. That is why Alejo from a very young age distributed among the needy how much money he got, since he always had great faith that it brought him many blessings from God.

In his youth, he realized that living in the middle of a very rich family and in a worldly society brought many dangers to his soul, so he fled the house, dressed as a beggar and went to Syria, a place where that remained for 17 years dedicated to adoration and penance.

Saint Alexius begged for himself and for others in need and people began to call him "the man of God", since he also preached the virtue of poverty and humility.

But one day, a very spiritual person told people that this poor beggar was the son of a rich family, and he fled Syria for fear of being honored and returned to Rome.

Finally he decided to return to his parents' house to ask for a trade, and they did not realize that this beggar was his son.

So, in his own home, he performed the most humiliating jobs as a servant, and thus he spent another 17 years sleeping under a ladder, and every night raising prayers and dedicating his humiliations for sinners.

Already dying due to the forced labor he was doing, he sent for his parents to his place under the stairs, and told them that he was their son, that out of penance he had chosen that way of life. The two old men hugged him crying and helped him to die in peace.

Miracles of the Saint

Powerful prayers to ward off evil with Saint Alejo

After Alejo's death, many people learned about his story of humility and penance and began to entrust themselves to him. Several commented that they had seen real miracles after asking for the help of the man of God.

Thus, in Rome they built a temple for him and in the Eastern Church, especially in Syria, they were very devoted to him.

This is how people prayed to him, recounting both the life and the sacrifice of faith of the saint:

Oh glory of the Roman nobility and true lover of the poverty and shame of Christ! Oh blessed Alejo! that, in the prime of your youth, to obey the Lord's inspiration, you left your wife and left your parents' house like another Abraham, and having distributed what you took with the poor, you lived as a poor man and a beggar for so many years unknown and despised among men.

You were very gifted and favored by the Virgin Mary, our Queen and Lady, and fleeing from the praises of men, you returned by instinct of God to the house of your parents that by their will you had left, to give us an example of humility and patience. , of suffering and perseverance, and to triumph over you and the world with such a new and glorious kind of victory.

Well, oh blessed saint! rich and poor, noble and humble, married and pure, mourned by your parents, reviled by your servants, despised by men and honored by angels, dejected on the ground and sublimated in heaven, I beg you, Alejo most sweet, that Through your merits and prayers, I may obtain from the Lord the virtue of perfect chastity, obedience, contempt for all transitory things, and grace to live as a pilgrim man from his homeland, unknown and dead to the world.


Powerful prayers and prayers to ward off evil, attract love and forgiveness

Saint Alejo today is seen as a holy benefactor for several of our earthly needs and for this reason we pray to him and we raise our prayers begging for his help to move forward.

When our life goes through difficult moments that overwhelm us daily and that this is possibly not our fault but due to external causes, we request the help of Saint Alejo to remove that person who affects us so much and we can lead an existence full of peace and tranquility .

Let us remember that the prayers to Saint Alejo must be carried out with fervor, dedication and from the heart. If our desire is to obtain the support of the saint, we must remember his humility and tenacity, and thus pray for him to help us overcome the difficulties that torment us.

Prayer to Saint Alejo to ward off magic, enemies, envy, bad tongues and betrayals

This is the prayer to Saint Alejo to ward off evil from our lives:

Oh, glorious Saint Alejo Santo, blessed! faithful, pious and good servant who are in glory enjoying God, win me the favor of keeping away from all evil.

Saint Alejo Blessed you who have the power to ward off everything evil that surrounds the Lord's servants, make it invisible to my enemies; you who found favor before Mary, keep me away from Satan, keep me away from the enemy, from the liar, from the traitor and from the harmful one, from the one who sows cizaña around me, who with evil, magic, spells or witchcraft wants to tie me, bewitch and harm my life; Deliver me from gossip, gossip, slander and intrigue, from anyone who wants to see me surrendered and sunk.

Keep me away from envy, the evil eye and injustice, keep me away from jealousy and resentment, infidelity, betrayal, rejection and loneliness, hide me where those who want to cause my downfall cannot find me.

O Glorious Saint Alejo! Called "the Man of God" bring me closer to Jesus and Mary, so that with their Divine Goodness they cover me with all their goods, and grant me the grace that I humbly request:

Saint Alejo blessed: through the Blessed Virgin Mary, through her beloved Son Jesus Christ and by the grace of the Holy Spirit, have mercy on me and do not neglect my request.


To get away is this Prayer of Saint Alejo

  • We also pray for the protection, ours and that of our loved ones, this prayer of Saint Alejo is miraculous and it does work, as long as you do it with faith and love towards the Saint:

 Oh glorious Saint Alejo! Virtuous and blessed saint. Inspired by our Lord, you went away from family life, but you knew how to renounce in a good way everything that surrounded you to lead a life of loneliness and begging.

Saint Alejo Blessed You who are the only one who has the power to ward off all the bad things that can surround the servants of the Lord, today I beg you to protect me and defend me by giving me energy, strength and courage.

Kind Saint Alejo, you who with your humility found favor with the Virgin Mary, at this moment that I need your help, please do not leave me abandoned on one side since with all my humility I ask you to drive away the enemy and all evil from my side .

Keep Satan away, keep me away from the liar, from the mean being and also from the treacherous, from all the curses, and also from the evil eye.

Mighty saint keep evil tongues, traitors, slanderers and all harmful things away from me.

Saint Alejo, Keep me away from anyone who wants to look at me badly, surrendered and sunk.

I ask you to keep me away from envy, also from evil and injustice, Keep me away from jealousy and resentment, from those who may reject me, and loneliness.

Miraculous saint, I ask you to make me invisible and hide me where no evil reaches me or those who want my doom.

Oh glorious Saint Alejo! You who have been called the man of God, I ask you to bring me closer to Jesus and Mary, so that with their divine goodness they can cover me with all their goods, guide me and free me from all that spiritual and earthly evil , and may you help me to obtain grace full of humility I come to request you (make the request here).

Blessed Saint Alejo by the Blessed Virgin Mary, by her beloved son Jesus Christ and by the grace of the holy spirit, I beg you to have mercy on me and listen to my request.


The story also tells that Saint Alejo spent many years of his life at the door of the Church of Santa María, in Turkey, begging, until he felt that Christ allowed him to enter through his actions.

For this reason, this saint is also related to pure and true love, that which always remains despite difficulties.

For the loved one to return and attract love, we dedicate this Prayer to Saint Alejo

  • So we pray to Saint Alejo for love, and this saint is also highly venerated for love to return, to repair broken relationships, even to separate two people, or when third parties interrupt love relationships.

Saint Alejo, you who achieve everything, you who manage to see everything, it is quite frank for you to distinguish my spirit and recognize that my existence lacks love.

My sacred one, help me to rescue love, my partner abandoned me and replaced me with another. Make the chemistry between them tear apart, keep them apart.

Saint Alejo, make his different love deviate from him / her, that he / she returns to me, that he / she does not achieve without me or dreaming, that by his side he is not a pleasant person, that I am the one who exists in his / her life, in his / her entity, in his imagination and in his fantasies.

That love that belonged to me, that still is, that the stranger, that individual who came between him / her and me, withdraws from his / her life, make him / her exclude himself by his will, Saint Alejo.

That love concerns me, I request that he / she not be able to be with her / him, that his life is nothing more than mine, and towards me he / she manages to return.

May my beloved come, Saint Alejo, I beg you. Well, he / she is the most important thing to me. Listen to my prayers and pleas, and intervene for me.


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