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Anthony of Padua "Saint protector of marriage": Prayers and rituals

Saint Anthony patron of

Every year on June 13, the day of Saint Anthony of Padua is celebrated, a saint venerated in the Catholic Church for promoting the consolidation of love through marriage.

It is considered to Saint Anthony the patron saint of the bride and groom and of love so thousands of faithful come before his presence who want to rejoice under the heat of this feeling so pure and sometimes longed for.

During the masses that are celebrated in honor of Saint Anthony, single men and women come from all over to beg the saint to intercede over:

  • The arrival of love in their lives or
  • so that they can recover the better half that in the past due to bad decisions or chance of fate they had lost.

Who was Saint Anthony of Padua? Patron of lost things

Saint Anthony of Padua Patron of Lost Things
Saint Anthony of Padua: Patron of the bride and groom

San Antonio de Padua he was a priest belonging to the Franciscan order, he was a great preacher, and he was also considered a doctor of the Catholic Church.

He fought throughout his life against heresy, more always left in each place that he visited great displays of mercy and love in his wake.

Why is San Antonio turned upside down?

There is a popular belief that reflects that in order for the request for love made to Saint Anthony of Padua to be faster and more effective, the saint must be placed on his head.

Only in this way will love come more quickly into the life of the person making the request.

Ritual with a red ribbon in the name of Saint Anthony

A popular ritual that is developed to attract love on behalf of Saint Anthony of Padua.

It is done by tying a red ribbon to the feet of the holy representation, to which thirteen knots are made, making a request for each one.

This is followed by a candle that is left to burn until the end, a fact that symbolizes the arrival of love until the end of days.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for a miracle by request

¡Oh blessed Saint Anthony! The gentlest of all the saints, your love for God and his creatures made you worthy when you were here on earth to possess miraculous powers.

Miracles always waited for your word and you were willing to speak for those with problems or anxieties.

Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me (make request).

The answer to my prayer may require a miracle, but you are the saint of miracles.

Other prayers to the Saints:

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