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Prayers and history of San Blas "the Saint who soothes the throat"

Saint Blaise holy prayer

Saint Blaise the benefactor of the poor, bishop and martyr who is best known today as the patron saint of those with throat problems, coughs, and related conditions.

It is said that among his miracles he once cured a child who was drowning with a fish bone and since then he has been prayed to cure throat and respiratory diseases.

San Blas is one of the 14 Holy Helpers, miraculous deities and healers of diseases.

For this reason, on the feast of Saint Blaise, which is celebrated on February 3, the priests pray the prayer to the holy protector of the throat, to protect the faithful from illness and physical problems.

Blas de Sebaste, doctor and bishop who worked miracles of healing

San Blas holy history
San Blas

Also venerated under the name of Blas de Sebaste, was a doctor and Christian saint, who is said to have lived a hermitic life in a cave in the woods of Mount Argeus, which he converted into his episcopal see.

The writings indicate that the veracity of his existence is unknown, since he is an uncertain character from the historical point of view.

But the legend that surrounds him tells that Blas was a young doctor who felt the art of healing as a priesthood and it is said that even sick animals came to him to heal them, his kindness was so great.

His fame soon spread throughout Asia Minor and in every corner there was talk of the doctor Blas, the bishop who performed miracles.  

The story of Santo Blas, El Salvador

But the governor of Cappadocia, carried out a persecution against the Christians and decided to send for Blas in the city of Sebaste. The doctor fled the persecution and took refuge in a cave.

The stories go that when the soldiers entered the forest on the Argeus hill to look for him, they found many animals waiting outside the cave of doctor Blas. They found him praying and arrested him, making him suffer in prison.

The Christian legend that made him famous indicates that while the bishop was being led to his martyrdom, a woman made her way through the crowd and placed at the feet of the religious her son who was dying suffocated by a fish bone that had been pierced in the throat.

San Blas, took the child by the back and in a rough hug squeezed his lungs, and the child expectorated the spine.

Festivities in honor of San Blas

Every February 3 is the feast day of the saint in all parts of the world where he is venerated. In Cuba, for example, traditional festivals are held in his honor.

Prayers to Saint Blaise, Patron Saint of the throat

Prayers to Saint Blas, patron saint of the throat

Saint Blaise, bishop and martyr, the holy protector of the faithful from illnesses and physical problems, is prayed for for any type of ailments related to the throat.

Prayer to Saint Blaise to relieve a sore throat:

Oh! Great Saint Blas, I come before you as a doctor par excellence so that you give me your intercession Divine Saint Blas, bishop and martyr, so that God free me from the throat ailments that I am suffering at the moment and take care of me and free me from any other evil.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns in all of us.


To ask for a miracle of health! is this prayer to Saint Blaise

Oh, glorious Saint Blaise, who by your martyrdom has left the Church a precious testimony of faith, obtain for us the grace to preserve within us this divine gift, and to defend, without human respect, both with word and example. , the truth of that very faith, which is so wickedly attacked and maligned in these times.

You who miraculously cured a small child when he was about to die from a throat condition, grant us your powerful protection in the same misfortunes; and, above all, obtain for us the grace of repentance, together with a faithful observance of our Church, and avoid offending Almighty God.


This is the Prayer to Saint Blaise to cure throat diseases

San Blas, sacred protector of all the evils that affect the throat, today I call on you to attend to my afflictions regarding an alien.aña disease that is affecting my throat and the doctors can't find any solution.

I humbly beg you to intercede for me, so that I can reach mercy, give me the remedy I need, this favor that I ask with great faith, I beg you to give the solution I need to my health problem.


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