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San Cipriano Milagroso: drive away Evil with the sign of the Holy Cross

Miraculous Saint Cyprian

San Cipriano He was a holy martyr who suffered torture and died beheaded as a result of his faith in Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of his life he practiced paganism, but it was true love that made him embrace Jesus Christ as the only God. His festival is celebrated on September 26 every year.

In Cuba the cult of San Cipriano has grown in recent times, making him a miraculous saint and defender of impossible causes.

San Cipriano is invoked to ask for justice, freedom and help in order to overcome difficult moments, especially if they are related to conflicts of love and the fight against the dark arts and the eradication of the evil eye.

Who was Saint Cyprian? Protector against negativities and works of witchcraft

Saint Cyprian is a venerated saint in the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. He belonged to a long line of pagan priests.

During his childhood he received various consecrations in various temples, also receiving instruction in astrological and numerological sciences.

When he turned thirty he returned to Antioch where he established himself as a pagan priest, shortly after he met a young woman named Justina on whom he began to invoke spells and incantations to obtain her love.

Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina:

Surprised by the ineffectiveness of his spells on the maiden, Cipriano invoked the demon to obtain explanations about what was happening to him.

He had no choice but to confess that the ineffectiveness of the spells was due to the deep faith that Justina had in Jesus Christ and to the mark of the Cross of Saint Bartholomew that she carried on her neck, an insignia that made her immune to evil.

Cipriano's love for Justina was such that he managed to convert himself to Christianity and begin to feel the presence of Jesus Christ in his heart, shortly afterwards Cipriano became a deacon, priest and finally bishop of Antioch.

On nights when Cipriano was tempted by the power of evil, he performed the sign of the cross three times and the horrified darkness fled unbridled. 

For all his blessed labors, Cyprian was canonized after his death.

Prayer to Saint Cyprian against all evil, spells and enemies:

Prayer to Saint Cyprian against all evil

Saint Cipriano, Bishop of Campo Mayor, free us from spells and from all evildoers.

The power that the Lord has given you is so immense that in the hands of the evildoer no one can perish.

You promised to help those in need; You heal the evil one as soon as possible, as you give freedom to the unhappy incarcerated.

You are a heavenly consolation to everyone who is afflicted; you are the scale of the sky of all that has happened to you; You protect the helpless at all times and are the sure consolation of those who constantly acclaim you.

Against lightning and tremors your invocation is sweet; whoever gives you their devotion will never be seen in prisons.

You banish the temptations that the devil presents to you; who does not diminish your wonders, you free from bad language and false testimonies.

In short, the one that this prayer brings in his company, you promised him would be free from persecution; the woman who in the affliction of her birth will pray to you and invoke you with faith, will mitigate her restlessness; you protect by your virtue everyone who calls on you.

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