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Prayers to Saint Ciriaco to expel "evil spirits from the family"

San Ciriaco

Saint Ciriaco is invoked against evil spirits and eye diseases. Is one of the fourteen holy helpers of the Catholic Church.

Its legend tells that, being a member of the Roman patrician nobility, Saint Ciriaco gave his wealth to the poor and converted to Christianity.

He then exorcised demons from Diocletian's daughter Artemisia, who, along with her mother, Saint Serena, converted to Christianity.

And he also eliminated the evil of Jobias, the daughter of Shapur, king of Persia, which led to the king's conversion.

Recognized throughout Rome for his virtue, even among pagans, he was summoned by the emperor to cure his daughter, who was affected by blindness. Thus the holy deacon in the Name of Jesus, healed two princesses.

San Ciriaco, history and devotion to the saint

Saint Ciríaco de Atalia, also called San Ciriaco de Roma or simply San Ciriaco, was a bishop and Christian martyr, died in 303.

It is said that in the name of Jesus he traveled to Palestine and was later elected bishop of Jerusalem, where he was martyred along with his mother, Anna, during the persecution of Julian the Apostate.

To flee from his former coreligionists, he left Palestine and took refuge in Italy, where he was elected bishop of the city, at a time of extraordinary flowering of Christianity.

But after a time of promulgating the divine word, Ciriaco went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to see again the homeland of Jesus and his own.

There he was taken prisoner by Julian the Apostate, and the holy old man received the palm of martyrdom and finally death. Later the relics of the bishop returned to Ancona in a box carried by the waves to the port of the city.

The festival of San Ciriaco is celebrated on August 8. He is the patron saint of the island of Ibiza in España and its capital, because the island was conquered from the Arabs on that day.

Today in the cathedral of Ancona bundles of reeds blessed on the days of San Ciriaco are distributed, to celebrate it and in his honor, banish bad energies.

Prayer to Saint Ciriaco against evil entities and dark

Prayer to Saint Ciriaco

The prayers to Saint Ciriaco are ancient, strong and powerful, to achieve the expulsion of evil entities from the person, the family and the home.

Thus we pray to him:

O glorious Saint Ciriaco, I turn to you devout and sorry,

to you, who, by your outstanding zeal and compassion,

Pope Saint Marcellin elevated to the dignity of the diaconate

in the church of Rome, and who, with fearless patience,

you endured the dislocation of your limbs,

the laceration of your flesh, the torture of boiling water and,

finally, death itself beheading.

Look at me that I invoke you, and obtain for me the grace

to stand firm in the faith, despite the temptations of the evil one,

and live in such union with Christ Jesus, as to deserve

the blessing of eternity in His presence.

Oh, excellent martyr for Christ!

Honored today all over the world, let me experience the power of your arm

and expels from me, my family and my home, every evil entity.

Show us your mercy, and don't let evil continue to stalk us

as you have shown in times past, granting us the favor we desire.


I pray to the Saint for protection against dangers of soul and body

Almighty and eternal God, who have granted thanks

and extraordinary gifts to your Saint Ciriaco,

We ask you to gently listen to the requests of all who invoke her intercession.

Through Christ our Lord. Oh God, you miraculously fortified

to Saint Ciriaco in the confession of Faith, we beg you to grant us his strength

to overcome all temptations and protect us through his intercession

in all the dangers of soul and body.

Through Christ our Lord.


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