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Prayers to Saint Eleuterio: Martyr of humility we ask you for a miracle

Saint Eleutherius

On April 18, the day of San Eleuterio is celebrated in homage to two bishops baptized under that name and who years later were canonized by the Catholic Church.

The life of Saint Eleuterio was not easy, it was full of obstacles and difficulties, obstacles that did not prevent him from preaching the word of God, faith being the reality that became the key that would solve all existing adversities.

What is asked of this merciful Saint?

The devotees pray to Saint Eleutherius for being the martyr of humility and for being a saint who attends all requests and intercedes for the innocent without even needing flowers or candles, since the faith contained in the hearts of those who claim it is more than enough for this saint to act protecting and granting goods of:

  • Unification,
  • health and
  • joy for the family.

Loneliness is another of the barriers that demolishes the scope of San Eleuterio, that is why it is frequent that his image is found in centers where the elderly and people without filial protection reside.

Saint Eleutherius is the support that the almighty sends to the humble, as this is the social class for which he fought and to which he decided to belong voluntarily, stripping his soul of all kinds of monetary or material interest.

Powerful prayer to Saint Eleutherius

You Lord who has given us a model of evangelical perfection in the exemplary life of Saint Eleutherius Abbot, grant us in the midst of the events of this world that we know how to adhere, with all our hearts, to the goods of your eternal kingdom.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Eleutherius Pope to obtain a favor special

Oh blessed Saint Eleutherius, in the name of Christ and God we ask you for a miracle, whether spiritual or physical, to calm our little pain (make the request to Saint Eleutherius Pope and then pray three of our fathers).

From very distant lands you came to Pidemonte Barines, the people who proclaimed you as your holy protector being Barianites.

In May they remember you and they even celebrate you, in the San Pedro church in front these, flowers and a cloak, they adore the saint who shines with joy with his charm, because Barianites exclaim to you every day.

With great faith and fervor Saint Eleutherius give us life, peace and love, forever and ever. Amen.

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