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San Expedito: The Saint of Just and Urgent Causes

San expedito of just and urgent causes

San Expedito is a very powerful saint, he is considered the protector of merchants, he is prayed to intercede for people who are deprived of liberty when they are serving long sentences, to help them regain their autonomy.

His festival is celebrated every year on April 19. He is venerated in the Catholic Church.

Who was this Saint?

He was a commander and later a martyr of the XII Fulminata Legion of the Roman army, he was canonized in 1671. Years later he was eliminated from the Catholic liturgy, although he is still recognized and venerated by his devotees and other practitioners of this religion.

Impossible causes lawyer

He is the Patron Saint of Just and Urgent Causes, his name means "quick", he is prayed for by the sick and in difficult times to overcome in order to obtain his support.

He watches over the well-being of students, travelers, young people and the military.

Conform with Santa Rita y Saint Jude Thaddeus the trilogy of the holy lawyers of the impossible causes.

Representation of the Saint

He is represented as a Roman soldier due to the profession he carried out during his earthly life as a military man.

The saint holds a cross in his hand, an action that symbolizes his faith in God and the defense of his religious ideal.Finally, it can be seen that he is stepping on a crow, a fact that symbolizes the fight he had against the devil and other forces of evil.

San Expedito, saint worshiped in Latin America

This saint is worshiped in many countries of the world, especially in the American continent where the largest number of its churches are located, we can mention among these: Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and the United States.

There are also other temples on the European continent specifically in Spain.aña, Germany and Austria.

Devotees go to churches to light candles and place flowers as part of their worship.

How to pray to San Expedito?

Expedito is a very peculiar saint, to obtain his help you must wait until you are close to the event you are going to face, be it a trip, a trial, an exam or a medical procedure.

Before pronouncing your prayer you must write the request on a paper, then you light a candle and begin to pronounce it until the end of the reading, later you must pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary, then you must leave the manuscript on your altar.

Prayer to Saint Expedite for urgent and desperate cases

This is the powerful and miraculous prayer to the saint for just causes and achieving the impossible, making a difficult request and opening the way.

My holy Expedito of just and urgent causes,

Help me in this hour of affliction and despair,

intercede for me with our Lord Jesus Christ,

you who are a holy warrior, give me strength, courage and serenity,

He attends my request (at this moment the request that was previously written is read).

My holy Expedito help me to overcome these difficult hours,

protect me from all those who may harm me,

protect my family, attend to my request urgently.

I promise to worship you and bring your name to all who have faith.

Thank you very much.

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