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The fortune teller Orula and the wise Saint Francis of Assisi ≫ Syncretism

Saint Francis of Assisi Orula

Constitution, The Creator, chose the wise orisha orula as your witness and support on Earth, and both joined in the creation of man and in the council to do good deeds on Earth.

The children of Orula, are the babalawos witnesses of Olofin.

Who is the Orisha Orula?

Orula or Orunmila He is the fortune teller, the counselor of humanity and connoisseur of all the commandments of Ifá, who symbolizes renewal, transmutation, change, the mysterious. He is the benefactor of men.

And as the main soothsayer and benefactor of humanity, the Yoruba Pataki say that he was allowed to see how Olofin breathed the first breath of life into the bodies made of clay by obbatala, for the rise of the human race.

Furthermore, Yoruba legends say that the only deity who made a pact with Iku, death, was Orula and commanded him to respect his children through the Necklace of Orula.

Orula has the knowledge of the secret things of the human being and nature, and for this reason he is the owner of the Oracles, and through them, he can influence destiny, whether in the past, the present or the future.

He represents security, support and comfort in the face of difficult life situations.

The Poor of Assisi, syncretism with Orunmila

As a result of the colonial period, many African slaves had to change their cult practices and hide their religion from their Catholic masters. So they decided and were also forced to worship their gods through the image of Catholic saints.

For this reason, the soothsayer Orula is syncretized with the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the most venerated saints both among Catholics and Protestants and even among non-Christians.

The call Poor Assisi, is also recognized as a wise counselor of humanity and benefactor of the humble, hence his union with the Orisha Soothsayer.

Saint Francis of Assisi, famous figure of the Catholic Church

It is said that Saint Francis of Assisi was in life a monk who embraced poverty and lived an evangelical life, gaining followers for his humble way of living and worshiping the Lord.

He spread wise norms to the devotees, which were later approved by the Holy See and founded an Order of friars together with his first female follower, Saint Clare of Assisi.

They say that God had given him the gift of prophecy and of working miracles. Thus, he asked for alms to repair the church of San Damiano saying:

«Help me finish this church. One day there will be a convent of nuns in whose good name the Lord and the universal Church will be glorified..

The prophecy was fulfilled five years later in the Convent of Santa Clara and its nuns.

They also say that, faced with the temptations of impurity, Francisco de Asís punished himself by prostrating himself naked on the snow and even kneeling on brambles and briers.

After dying, for his miracles and his humble life dedicated to imparting the precepts of religion, Saint Francis of Assisi was canonized.

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