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3 Miraculous prayers to San Isidro Labrador the Patron of the Farmers

San Isidro Labrador miraculous and powerful prayers

When we see the cracked and barren land, the yellowed plants and the rivers of wide flow reduced to simple streams, it is normal for us to worry.

However, for those who work the land and live off its fruits, the lack of rain can represent a real disaster that destroys crops and destroys the daily livelihood of thousands of families.

Due to the importance that rain has always had to guarantee the productive balance of the world, numerous religions and rites have directed their prayers to deities that make precipitation.

Let us remember that the followers of numerous religious ceremonies of the most dissimilar cultures sang songs asking the deities for a better climate and prosperous crops.

And so there is also evidence of numerous processions inside or outside the temple to pray for the rain so necessary for life itself.

In the Catholic religion, prayers are also addressed to the saints asking for rain and blessings for the crops.

The prayers are enunciated by the priests and are offered to Christ or to the most representative of the saints who can attract the happiness of rainfall: Saint Isidro Labrador, patron of Madrid and of the Farmers of the world.

Prayer to San Isidro Labrador for it to rain ...

How many times have we not heard the prayer that has become a popular song that calls out to San Isidro and asks him for the rain and the sun?

And it is that these songs are so common in the life of any person that more than religion, they have become roots, culture and tradition.

This is how San Isidro is prayed for the blessing of the rain, as a Catholic deity in charge of safeguarding the countryside and those who live from work in it:

San isidro labrador,

example of life given to the Lord.

We ask your intercession before God,

to receive the rain in our fields

and the protection of our crops,

so that in this way we can obtain

Our daily bread

for the glory of your holy name.

History of the Saint San Isidro, the blessed farmer

History of Santo San Isidro
San Isidro

San Isidro, called Isidro de Merlo y Quintana, was born in Spain.aña, specifically in Madrid in the year 1082 and was a Mozarabic farmer to whom numerous miracles related to the land, the field and rainfall are attributed.  

The most famous of them says that the waters of a well in which his son had fallen rose so that Isidro could rescue him.

Although he was a Catholic saint, his cult has elements of Islam in a curious mix of religions.

However, the ecclesiastical authorities raised the real possibility of canonizing Isidro Labrador because King Felipe II, like many other members of the Spanish Royal Family, repeatedly resorted to the waters of the Madrilenian saint who, it was said, could help in curing diseases.

Finally, Isidro was beatified by Paul V on June 14, 1619 and canonized on March 12, 1622 by Gregory XV and declared patron of Spanish farmers by John XXIII in a bull in 1960.

The patron saint of farmers is highly revered in many towns in Spain.aña and, due to the process of conquest and colonization, his cult spread to numerous American countries, former Spanish colonies in America.

He is also considered the Saint and patron of the Agricultural Engineers and also of the Agricultural Technical Engineers and is celebrated on May 15, when those who work the Earth are also honored in the world.

The patron of Madrid

San isidro labrador He is also the patron saint of Madrid, the city in which he lived. There to celebrate his day, there is a procession with an image of the saint, in which many participate seeking his blessings.

A pilgrimage is also held around the hermitage of San Isidro, Carabanchel erected in his honor, in the Pradera de San Isidro next to the Manzanares River in the District of Carabanchel.

Likewise, in Tenerife, what is considered the oldest celebration to honor San Isidro Labrador is held and as part of it the image of this Madrilenian saint is placed in the Main Altarpiece of the Apostle Santiago.

In addition, the celebrations include a gigantic magician dance, in which numerous people dressed in traditional costumes participate, known as the famous Festival of the Seven Islands.

San Isidro in America, May 15, Saint's Day

San isidro labrador

As a result of transculturation and religious shock, many parts of America were also seized with Catholic rituals and the worship of saints.

For this reason, in Chile, in the town of Cuz Cuz, the feast of San Isidro is celebrated on May 15 with a mass at noon, and a procession through the field in which the saint is carried in the middle of Chilean dances.

In Lima, Peru, the feast of San Isidro Labrador takes place with greater splendor in the town of San Isidro de Carampa, from Ayacucho in the city of Lima with the celebration of Mass and a procession of the saint to the house of the Adornante.

Likewise, in Argentina, this party is celebrated by the San Isidro Party located 10 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, also with a great mass in the Cathedral of San Isidro and the schools in that town have a holiday to celebrate it.

And what all these festivities have in common is the immense faith that has always been placed in the figure of San Isidro Labrador as the maker of rain and as the one who responds and puts an end to one of the most serious difficulties on the planet throughout of the years: the drought.

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Many are the miracles of San Isidro recorded by the devotees of his figure and by which today he is considered the patron saint of the fields. For example

  • Miracle of the mill- Isidro multiplied the wheat he offers to hungry pigeons.
  • The one with the oxen - It is said that San Isidro prayed while the oxen plowed the land alone.
  • El del lobo - Some children warn Isidro that there is a wolf that prowls his donkey, but before his prayers, the predator flees.  
  • Miracle of the pot -Isidro managed to multiply the food he had in a pot by putting a pot repeatedly.
  • Milagro de la CofradĂ­a - He was known as the mediator to obtain rains in spring.

San Isidro, syncretism with Orisha Oko of the yoruba religion

San Isidro Labrador and Orisha Oko

In the santera religion, San Isidro syncretizes with Orisha oko, the deity of the Yoruba pantheon representative of the savannas, lands and cultivated fields, to whom we pray for the prosperity of the crops and for luck in all the work in the countryside.

Orisha Oko represents the land itself and the life of agricultural work and crops. Its messengers are bees and it symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

This African deity forms an important trilogy with the Orishas Oke and oggue, responsible for the crops, the rains, the internal fire and the animals.

San Isidro Labrador and his miraculous and powerful prayers

Prayer to San Isidro Labrador

Many people come to San Isidro not only to ask for the blessing of the rain, but to solve an economic problem or to find work, as it also protects those who work hard to get their livelihood.

Prayer of San Isidro Labrador for work

  • Let's see a prayer to San Isidro Labrador to find work

Blessed Isidro,

what habitas today the heavenly abode

in just reward of your singular piety,

charitable zeal and holiness of life,

without to practice these virtues

occupations were an obstacle

what did you have to do

to earn the necessary sustenance,

both for you and your venerated wife,

Maria de la Cabeza:

we beg you to be our intercessor

towards the Most High,

so that this divine Lord

have mercy on our miseries,

and, by an act of his infinite goodness,

grant us to live in peace in this life,

and that we enjoy in the other

the eternal delights of glory.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


For desperate needs we dedicate this prayer to San Isidro Labrador

We also implore San Isidro in difficult moments as follows:

Glorious Saint Isidro, plain saint of the town, your life was an example of humility and simplicity of recollection and prayer, of work and compassion of selfless dedication, service and trust in the Lord.

Devout Saint Isidro, my patron saint, you who were charitable and kind to others, look at our needs, our burdens and pains and grant us your powerful and miraculous help ... A kind and virtuous saint, you who received immense gifts and graces from God who you worked many wonders and countless miracles, make my prayers reach the Lord.

San Isidro Labrador, example of husband and father, worker, friend and good neighbor, who with your hands worked the hard earth without ceasing to pray and serve the Supreme Lord, who gave everything you had to the needy, to the children, to the helpless, and to all those who suffered hunger for bread and soul: Help us in these hard and difficult times.

Saint Isidro pious, you who had deep love for the Eucharist and loving devotion to the Virgin Mary, intercede for us before God the Creator and ask him to help us with his infinite mercy, to turn his eyes towards us and reach us with the graces and help that this moment we desperately need:

(Ask in faith what you want to achieve).

Saint Isidro blessed and blessed, restore us peace and tranquility, give us comfort and solution in these sad moments, grant us your protection against all evil and help us to give ourselves, as you did, to the service of God and neighbor with a sincere and generous attitude, so that we can reach the path of true life and thus enjoy with you one day of the Eternal Goods.


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