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Do you know the Impossible Petition Prayer to Saint Jude Thaddeus?

Saint Jude Thaddeus and his prayer of impossible petition

Saint Jude Thaddeus He was one of the most devoted students of Jesus of Nazareth, he was part of the group of later called twelve apostles, recognized under the Christian faith.

Saint Jude Thaddeus the Apostle of difficult causes:

Saint Jude Thaddeus

His name Judas derives from a Hebrew term that means praises be given to God while Thaddeus is a proper noun from the Aramaic language, which translates as the brave.

Sometimes history records that it was called Lebbeo, a term that means tender heart man.

His feast is celebrated every year on October 28 in the Catholic Church ...

Moment where the streets and churches are dressed in green in honor of the presence of his spirit on earth, green being the color that immortalized him, keeping this tone closely related to hope, a virtue that does not die like the faith of his devotees.

Representation of Saint Saint Jude:

Saint Jude Thaddeus was represented with a mace, a tool with which he suffered martyrdom, it is also done with an ax and even a sword.

Some bibliographic sources associate his figure with the image of the bent ruler, a shape that represents the scimitar with which it is presumed to be beheaded.

The representation of Saint Jude Thaddeus It is made up of an image of Jesus, which sometimes appears in the shape of a medallion on his chest, at other times the flame of fire is usually seen on his head and the scroll of parchment in his hand.

Both icons embody the wisdom and intelligence of which Judas Tadeo was the bearer in life, for this reason the students worship him in order to be spiritually sponsored by the saint during his school life.

Prayer to Saint Jude Thaddeus for impossible requests and difficult cases:

Saint Jude Thaddeus is considered the saint of difficult and desperate causes for this reason his prayer is one of the most popular prayers pronounced daily in churches.

Under his mantle many human beings seek consolation, including the sick and desperate and afflicted people.

Blessed Saint Jude Thaddeus, who had the joy of listening to the call of Jesus Christ, whose mission you faithfully fulfilled, spreading the seed of the gospel throughout the world, until you deserved the glory of martyrdom, for bearing witness to the faith that you preached.

Convinced of your effective intercession, on behalf of the disinterested and discouraged, I turn to you to instruct me in the truths that you preached and to lead me along the difficult path that leads to heaven and finally to come on my behalf, if appropriate. , in this need that currently worries me (to make the request). Amen.

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