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Who was San Luis Beltrán? ≫ Saint of Protection against the Evil Eye

San Luis Beltrán biography

In Cuba, San Luis Beltran through a prayer to avoid the evil eye, especially in children. It is said that it is enough to read a prayer to the saint for three days in a row repeatedly for the curse to go away.

This prayer is accompaniedaña normally with gestures that draw the shape of the cross in the air in front of the affected person's face, which represents a syncretic mixture of three cults: the crusader spiritualism, the Rule of Ocha and Catholicism.

Who was the Saint San Luis Beltrán?

San Luis Beltran He was a Spanish saint of the Dominican order, canonized by Pope Clement X in 1691.

He was someone of extraordinary holiness whose influence on others made him fit to lead people down good paths. For this reason he was master of novices, in the convent in Valencia, for more than thirty years.

In the Valencia plague of 1557, Luis Beltran He assisted in the spiritual and physical needs of the afflicted and cared for the sick.

According to his biography, he then sailed to America in 1562, and made landfall in Cartagena, where he began life as a missionary. It is said that there, to facilitate the work of converting the natives to God, he was miraculously endowed with the gift of tongues.

After seven years, he returned to his España hometown, in which many offices of honor and responsibility were entrusted to him. Her holiness and wisdom won the admiration and trust of thousands of people.

Later, he endured the painful experience of his last illness, being devoted and faithful to his work and beliefs until his last days.

Devotion to the miraculous Saint

The legends tell that San Luis Beltran performed many wonders, for example, that:

  • put an end to droughts with a simple prayer,
  • with a blessing he made a tree bear fruit instantly,
  • walked on the waters of the Cienaga de Manzanillo,
  • An encomendero wanted to kill him in the Americas, but when he was shot, his arquebus turned into a crucifix,
  • put out fires
  • and he cured the sick with his rosary and many other miracles.

Prayer of San Luis Beltran for evil eyes:

First, we offer this prayer to ask the saint to ward off bad energies:

In the name of the Great Power of God, Omnipotent and Eternal, I ask permission to invoke the Holy name of San Luis Beltrán who cures all kinds of evils, to conjure these branches (3 different ones that are used) of basil, in air, fire, water and earth, elements of nature that must penetrate into health, strength and vigor and may this blessing remain with the Divine will here, now and forever, forever and ever. Amen.

A Creed, a Father and a Hail Mary are then prayed. Then the following Sacred Prayer is said, to pray it against the evil eye, during the prayer the sign of the cross must be made () when this sign appears.

Creature of God, I heal you, I praise you and I bless you in the name of the Blessed One. Trinidad, Father Son and Holy Spirit three different people and a true essence; and of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady Conceived without stain of original sin.

Virgin before childbirth in childbirth and after delivery and for the Glorious Saint Gertrude, your beloved and gifted wife, eleven thousand Virgins, Lord Saint Joseph, Saint Roque and Saint Sebastian and for all the Saints and Saints of the Celestial Court.

For the Most Glorious Incarnation Glorious Birth Holy Passion Glorious Resurrection Ascension, because of the High and Most Holy Mysteries that I truly believe, I beg your Divine Majesty, putting the Blessed Mother, Our Advocate, as intercessor, free and heal this afflicted creature from this disease, evil eyes, sorcery, pain, accident, fever and other any damage, injury or illness, Amen, Jesus.

Not looking at the unworthy person who utters such Sacred Mysteries, with such good faith I beg you, Lord, for your more honor and blessing of those present, serve you by your mercy and healing to heal and rid of this wound, sore, pain, humor, sorcery, disease, removing it from this part or place.

And do not allow your Divine Majesty, accident, corruption, or damage befall him, giving him health so that with this servant Your Most Holy Will may be fulfilled. Amen Jesus

I heal you spell and I bless, Jesus Christ Our Redeemer Lord heal you, bless you and do in all His Divine Will. Amen, Jesus.

Cult of San Luis Beltrán in Cuba

In the spiritualistic cult and the practice of Afro-Cuban religions through the reading of the prayer that we offered previously, you can count on San Luis Beltran to remove enchantments, curses and ward off negative energies.

Furthermore, in the syncretism of the Rule of Ocha, San Luis Beltran es osain, Orisha of the Yoruba religion that governs nature, saves life, strengthens for war and drives away death.

This wise orisha is the owner of all the secrets of nature and connoisseur of all plants, animals and minerals. He is an Orisha soothsayer and doctor who works with the Ashe of plants, with them heals and saves.

To both, the saint and the orisha, Cubans turn to invoke them and intercede for the balance between life and death and save us from diseases and curses.

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