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Why does San Ramón have a padlock in his mouth? I pray against gossip

San Ramón Nonato padlock in the mouth

San Ramón is called Nonato (unborn) because he was born after his mother died. She died giving birth and had a cesarean section so that the child could be born.

Ramón, meanwhile, means: "protected by divinity" (Ra = divinity. Mon = protected).

He was born in Catalonia, SpainañaIn 1204, at a very young age, he entered the Congregation of Mercedarian Fathers who were dedicated to rescuing captives that the Mohammedans had taken prisoner to Algiers.

San Ramón and the martyrdom of the padlock

San Ramón padlock in the mouth
San Ramón Nonato, the saint with the lock in his mouth

Ramón obtained the freedom of many Christians and sent them back to their homeland, from where they had been kidnapped by the enemies of Christianity.

When he could not buy the freedom of the prisoners, he offered himself to stay as a slave, in exchange for several Catholics who were in grave danger.

Ramón was then made a slave, but he dedicated himself to instructing his fellow slaves and even some Mohammedans in religion.  

His captors, concerned about his discourses of faith, put a padlock on him so that he could not speak, which they opened only to feed him.

For this reason it is known as San Ramón Nonato, the saint with the padlock in his mouth.

Upon returning to Spainaña and as a reward for so many heroisms, the Supreme Pontiff Gregory IX named him Cardinal, although San Ramón continued to live humbly as before.

When do we dedicate prayers to San Ramón?

  • Women who are going to have a child pray to San Ramón to protect them and the little one.
  • You are prayed for all Catholics who suffer for defending religion.
  • We ask that you silence malicious rumors, gossip and to "cover mouths" in general.

His cult has spread throughout the world and he is a very popular saint in many nations of America.

In the Cathedral of Mexico City, for example, a special mass is dedicated to pregnant women and newborns every Saturday.

There is also a small altar of its own intended to protect against rumors and gossip.

Those who pray for an end to malicious rumors against their person are said to leave a locked padlock on the altar for the whole mañana.

Then they put the key in a nearby mailbox, to escape any backbiting or slander that may fall on oneself.

Prayer of San Ramón Nonato to cover mouths

This is how we pray to San Ramón when we want to silence that person who annoys us, enemies, so that he can provide us with protection, and ward off gossip, disturbances and gossip.

Oh! Glorious Saint Ramón, to whose power God subjected the earth and the elements, health and disease, life and death, finding in your powerful intercession, the maidens advocate, the married succession, the defense of those who are slandered, harvest the farmers, the shipwrecked harbor, the captives redemption, the blind seen and an end to all evils; Because of that your ardent desire to receive the Blessed Sacrament, which forced Jesus Christ to give you Holy Communion from his blessed hands, I beg you to intercede for me so that the malicious rumors that threaten my peaceful life, and above all that I may obtain, may be silenced. the special grace that I ask of you and the eternal happiness of glory.


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