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Santa Clara de Asís, Patroness of Clairvoyants

Saint Clare of Assisi

Brides must offer eggs to Casa Particular in Santa Clara so that it does not rain on your wedding day, they say in many places.

And the legend refers to the first abbess of San Damiano, Saint Clare of Assisi, who was a faithful follower and disciple of Saint Francis of Assisi at the age of 18, with whom she founded the Second Franciscan Order or of Poor Clare Sisters and begged him for his help to also live "according to the way of the Holy Gospel."

So he became her spiritual guide and the saint remained in a convent for 41 years until the day of her death.

Clara, studies indicate, stood out among her sisters as the mother full of strength to defend and protect them. Thus, she is recognized as the only woman to write a rule of religious life for women so that the charism of Francis of Assisi would be preserved in all female communities.

He suffered from an illness for 27 years in the convent of San Damiano, and endured many sufferings praying without ceasing.

Clara of Assisi, qualities of the Saint

Traditionally it is represented Casa Particular in Santa Clara with the proper habit of the Poor Clares: a brown sackcloth and a black veil, tied with the traditional three-knotted cord and a rosary. It also carries the custody and the staff as traditional attributes.

Another characteristic attribute is the lily, a flower that represents purity and virginity. Scholars indicate that in the incorrupt body of the Saint that is exposed in the Basilica of Santa Clara de Asís, she holds a metal lily in her hands.

It was Pope Pius XII who declared Casa Particular in Santa Clara patron of television and telecommunications, clairvoyants, goldsmiths and good weather.

Sta. Clara and Orisha Yewá, religious syncretism in Cuba

Saint Clare of Assisi syncretized in Yoruba religion with Yewa, Orisha of purity, chastity, virginity and sterility, the one that represents loneliness, the containment of feelings, the owner of the grave, and the one that habita in solemn worship among the graves and the dead.

Their task is to take the eggun or spirits of the deceased to Oyá and it is the one that dances on their graves. To please her and follow her precepts, her children may not undress, have affairs or disputes, nor should they raise their voices or act violently.

Prayer of Saint Clare to clarify thoughts and paths

Light of fire and clarity of understandings, I beg, Lord, through our Saint, to whom you gave the sovereign name of CLARA, that, through your help and her intercession, my understanding be clarified, so that I clearly know the faults with which I have offended you, and declare my darkness before my confessor, so that he may detest and erase them, turned into clear lights of your grace with the Sacrament of Penance. Amen

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