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Clara de Asís, the Saint who clears our minds and gives us health

Sta clara of assisi

Santa Clara de Asís or Santa Clara Clarifier was a founding Italian nun of the Franciscan Order of the Poor Clare Sisters. In life she was considered a faithful devotee of St. Francis of Assisi reason for which it is known under the same surname.

Among its religious contributions, the realization of a blessed rule of life for practicing women stands out.abitaThey were in the heart of God. He passed away at the age of 59. She was subsequently canonized by Pope Alexander IV.

Her cult continues to this day, being the owner of a great multitude of devotees who venerate her for her mercy and for her ability to perform miracles.

His saints are celebrated every year on August 11 and 12, the festival takes place after his pilgrimage.

The representation of Sister Clara

Prayer to Santa Clara

It is represented as a nun who wears a black veil and a brown habit attached with a cord which is tied with three knots, from which a rosary hangs. He carries as attributes the monstrance, the staff and the lily, which form a letter x on his image.

This Saint is the patron saint of the media, fortune-tellers, artisans and the favorable climate, for this reason it is tradition that brides offer eggs in her image so that on their wedding day a storm does not unleash.   

Saint of Assisi, Patroness of Villa Clara

The devotion of this saint on the Antillean island is very deep, it took place since her representation was brought to the archipelago by the Spanish settlers.

Clara of Assisi She is the patron saint of Villa Clara, a province located in the central region of Cuba, where its main church stands.

I sing to Santa Clara

Clara is translated as resplendent, the religious come to arrive to beg her for the health of their loved ones, for those who are in prisons and for the babies that are yet to be born.

The people go to the saint through prayers, although the most famous way to acclaim her in Cuba is through her song, which is shown below:

(...) Santa Clara Clarifier, clarify this humble being, who comes from the infinite looking for clarity if a being comes to your door asking for charity, do not deny it brother that God will pay you, the ninth, the ninth, the spiritual ninth that is so sacred what to know how to wear (...)

Once this is finished, the favor you want to obtain is communicated to you.

White flowers and candles may be brought to you in appreciation for your achievements.

Rogation to the Saint of Light

To invoke this Saint, her prayers must be sung to her, she receives the requests of those who come to her name through a glass of water to which an egg white is placed inside, a container that is later placed high inside of home.

Some believers write the request on a piece of paper and place it under the cup. And once a certain number of days are completed, its contents are poured, which turns whitish through a spout, thus their blessings are requested.

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