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Prayer of special request to Saint Philomena, the protector of Babies

Saint Philomena prayer request

Saint Philomena is a Catholic martyr that he suffered calamities for his faith in God and ideals contrary to his time.

This is a very beloved saint because she performs miracles for couples who are unable to conceive offspring, helping them to fulfill their desire to be parents.

In turn, he intercedes for the poor and sick whom he welcomes under his ward.

The saint is in favor of baptism, the recognition of man by the church and the Christian processions that take place to unify the devotee with his saints.

Saint Philomena acts willingly supporting acts of charity and love of neighbor, as she assured in life that there was no better way to fulfill God than by helping others.

Feast of the Holy

Its saints are celebrated every year on August 11, which is why its temples are covered with lilies, a flower that represents it as pure and sacrosanct.

Attributes that represent Saint Philomena

Among its representative attributes is the lily, a flower that is also offered to it.

  • It is symbolized on the palm and also on the whip, the instrument under which he suffered during his martyrdom.

What is required of Saint Philomena?

Saint Philomena is considered the patron saint of babies, to whom she offers special protection.

It is said that this saint used to raise her mantle over all the cradles of the world, especially in those that rest sick children on whom she intercedes with God for their speedy recovery.

The Saint who always gets God's favor

The devout Catholics attribute to Saint Philomena the power to obtain the benefit of the creator, since it is believed that the Almighty does not deny any request made by this saint and ends up interceding in every task that the Virgin presents to her.

Saint Philomena and her petition prayer by an impossible in difficult cases

Saint Philomena, saint of immense love, help me in my despair, get me out of my problems, do not abandon me in these hard times because I have come to you and in you I have placed my hopes, knowing that coming to you is always good and comforting.

I promise you that I will be your faithful devotee, and I will not stop thanking you for what you do for me, I promise to pray your prayers more assiduously, and to show with pleasure to others in need how miraculous and kind you are and how much you help when you comes before you loaded with confidence and faith. So be it.

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