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Saint Leocadia: Faith overcomes any adversity I pray in the face of difficulties!

Saint Leocadia

Saint Leocadia was a humble woman, of those that did not need much to be happy, only required to achieve it from the love of the Almighty.

Feeling that gave her the strength to overcome difficult moments and see in faith the key to freedom that even emancipated her, from the bars of the cell where she suffered martyrdom and from her terrestrial captivity.

Leocadia did not hesitate for a single moment, she did not renounce her God, nor her beliefs.

Perhaps her lack of interest in the material was the aggravating factor that fanned the fire of hatred in the hearts of her executioners, who never forgave her continuous attachment to prayer and the balm that adoration of the redeemer constituted for her.

  • The saints of Santa Leocadia are celebrated every December 9.

This day is considered sacred for the Catholic faith, since it is when man honors the will of the saint and puts up the faith that made her find consolation in martyrdom and pain.

¡Saint Leocadia cultivate faith in your servants! Prayer to ask for help and make a request

Blessed Saint Leocadia, who by the infinite power and mercy of the Lord were adorned with the gifts of virtue, and who, with constant and deep prayer, always showed fervent love for the cross.

That you had pure chastity of soul and body and with the confidence that strengthens, you were worthy of the love of the Lord both in life and in death.

Present our prayers before the throne of the highest and get us soon the comfort and relief in our sorrows and needs.

Saint Leocadia, virgin and martyr, you who suffered persecution, cruel torments and jail for confessing the name of the Lord.

You qThat you used the family wealth in favor of the most unfortunate and helpless.

That with solicitude you personally cared for the sick, and with charity you gave yourself to all those who needed it, so that by your patronage we are listened to and cared for, in our miseries, problems and difficulties.

May, through your intercession, your merits and prayers, the ruin of our homes and businesses be removed and we have luck, wealth, well-being and prosperity.

Make holy blessed that your valuable intercession grant us what we hopefully ask (make desired request).

Holy girl Leocadia ask the Lord to listen and attend to our prayers and to grant us to receive the gifts of the holy spirit, so that it awakens in our hearts the true pain of our sins, the sincere repentance when we confess them.

The right determination to correct our vices and thus ignite our step on the road to holiness.

So that we risk our lives and be like you:

Light in the world, salt in the earth and ferment in the dough.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saints who help us in life and intercede for us:

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