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Saint Rita of Casia, Patroness of the impossible

Saint Rita of Cassia story

Every May 22 the Catholic Church remembers Saint Rita of Cassia, patroness of the impossible and advocate of desperate cases.

Saint Rita of Cassia, whose real name was Margherita Lotti, always had a vocation as a nun, but because she obeyed her parents, she had to marry. Beside her husband she suffered much from his violence, but she shielded herself through prayer to God.

Later, her husband decided to follow in her footsteps and convert to Catholicism. But years later he was assassinated.

His biography tells that Santa Rita She discovered then that her two sons were thinking of avenging their father's murder, and fearing that they would commit a crime, she begged God to take them out of this life. A short time later, they both died.

Santa Rita, Story of the Miraculous Nun

After losing her husband and children, Santa Rita He arrived at the Augustinian Convent in Casia, and there his prayers worked miracles, healing many people. His prayer was always the same:

"O beloved Jesus, increase my patience as my sufferings increase."

After his death at the age of 76, Santa Rita She was beatified by Urban VIII and canonized by Leo XIII on May 24, 1900.

Today it is known as 'The saint of the impossible', due to the miraculous cures that it worked. The cult of him spread throughout Spain.aña and arrived in Latin America, where today devotion is paid to him in many countries.

Symbols of the saint

The mother abbess asked Santa Rita water a dry plant and she did it without asking why. one mañana the plant transformed into a flowering vine and produced grapes that were used for the sacramental wine.

Popular legends also tell us that since she was a baby, white bees gathered over her mouth, depositing sweet honey in her without hurting her and without the girl crying to alert her parents.

And after 200 years of the death of Santa Rita, in the monastery of Casia the white bees arose from the walls every year and remained until the feast of Santa Rita, on May 22. The gaps in the wall where the bees stay can be clearly seen by the pilgrims arriving today at the Monastery.

Prayer to Saint Rita of Cassia for impossible and desperate cases:

To the miraculous Saint, to ask a favor, for love, for impossible, difficult and desperate cases, we offer this prayer asking for her blessing:

Under the weight of pain, to you, dear Saint Rita, I confidently turn to be heard. Release, I beg you, my poor heart from the anguish that oppresses it and restore calm to my spirit, full of worries.

You who were chosen by God as the lawyer in the most desperate cases, obtain the grace that I ardently ask of you [ask for the grace that is desired].

If my faults are an obstacle to the fulfillment of my wishes, obtain from God the grace of repentance and forgiveness through a sincere confession.

Do not allow me to shed tears of bitterness for any longer.

Oh, saint of the thorn and the rose, reward my great hope in you,

and everywhere I will make known your great mercy to afflicted souls.

O Spouse of Jesus Crucified, help me to live well and to die well.


Santa Rita in Cuba, syncretism

In Cuba, Saint Rita of Cassia and the Orisha Obba of the Yoruba religion, are syncretized in the same image.

Obba represents loneliness, fidelity, repressed love, suffering and sacrifice for the being one loves. She also symbolizes the darkness of the cemetery, she is a warrior and of great strength. With Oyá and Yewá habita in cemeteries, she is one of the reckless warriors and death goddesses.

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