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I pray to Sara Kali, the Saint who brings out the sunken and desperate

Saint Sara Kali prayer

Sara kali She is the patroness of the exiles, the desperate and the gypsy people.

This had a fervent participation in the action of preserving the legacy of Jesus of Nazareth after his death.

Despite being a little-known saint, she is venerated with great force by a people that will never let her name die, keeping her on high for so many favors and miracles granted for the good of humanity.

This saint helps people float who are mired in trouble or emotionally devastated, showing them that everyone in the kingdom of God deserves a second chance and can succeed if we hold on to faith and put all the will in the world to achieve it.

Beautiful prayer to Saint Sara Kali for protection

Prayer to Saint Sara Kali for love
Saint Sarah Kali

Santa Sara my protector, cover me with your cape, eliminate the negativities that may be trying to hit me.

Santa Sara protector of the gypsies, whenever we are on the roads of the world protect us and light our steps. Santa Sara, by the power of the waters, by the power of mother nature that always accompanied usaña with its mysteries.

The children of the winds, of the moon, of the stars, of the firmament and the father only ask for protection against evils and enemies.

Santa Sara illuminates our lives with your heavenly power so that we can have a present and a future as bright as the sparkles of crystals.

Santa Sara helps the needy, enlightens those who live in darkness, health the sick, repentance to the guilty, and peace to the restless. Santa Sara, may your ray of peace and love enter each of our homes.

Sara Kali, give hope for better days to come for this suffering humanity.

Miraculous saint, protector of the gypsy people, bless all of us who are children of the same god, Santa Sara catch our luck and make us worthy of it so as not to miss your word or your teachings, instill in us the humility and patience to go through successfully difficult and needy moments.

Make us worthy of deserving your love, your understanding and your help, gypsy protector blesses our people and keep us safe under your mantle and your sight.

Santa Sara Kali always pray for us that we will carry your name and your image high. Amen.

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