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Miracles, life and prayer of Saint Therese of Lisieux: Patroness of the Missions

Saint Teresa of Lisieux miracles

Affectionately referred to by devout Catholics as Saint Therese, she is the protector and guardian, a French barefoot Carmelite nun declared a saint in 1925 and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1997.

Teresa's decision to dedicate her life to God and to works of charity came when she was still very young, in a conversation with the Mother Superior, María de Gonzaga of the Covento Carmelo de Lisieux who told her, without the girl having mentioned her wishes:

"When you come to live with us, my dear daughter, you will be called Teresa of the Child Jesus."

In addition, Teresa was attacked as a child by an alien.aña disease that caused him nervous tremors, hallucinations and attacks of terror. It is said that no doctor found a cure for his ills.

Until one day, her sisters Celina and María knelt at the foot of the bed and prayed to an image of the Virgin Mary for her recovery.

Miraculously, Teresa stabilized herself with a phrase:

“The Blessed Virgin has smiled at me. How happy I am!"

The girl also spontaneously prayed to her four brothers who died while still very young to intercede for peace for her soul.

The work of Santa Teresita and his death

On a pilgrimage to Rome, Teresa went directly to Pope Leo XIII to intercede for her early entry into the convent.

With her pure spirit and her full conviction in her religious faith, the young woman was finally admitted on the eve of her fifteenth birthday to the Discalced Carmelite monastery in Lisieux.

There she had to strongly prove her vocation to receive the veil of a novice, when she changed her name to Teresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.

Teresa devoted herself entirely to religious life, to pray, and to perform discreet acts of charity.

In a flu epidemic that struck the Convent, she faced the rigors of illness and death by caring for her sick sisters.

Teresa then decided to offer herself as a holocaust victim to the "merciful love" and it was in that period of his life when he found the deepest meaning of his vocation, he would write:

“My vocation is love…” “I understood that love encompasses all vocations, that love is everything, that love encompasses all times and all places, in a word, that love is eternal.” ...

Thus she lived in love the remaining years of her life, always affected by a latent disease, tuberculosis.

But Teresa remained focused on helping the missionaries and continuing to write her memoirs that would be published after her death in a book titled Story of a soul.

They say that the moment she passed away due to the serious illness that tortured her, her face recovered the soft color that was natural to it.

«I do not die, I enter Life» wrote in one of his last letters.

What were the miracles of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus?

After the publication of her autobiographical manuscripts, hundreds of pilgrims from all over France and from some other countries came to Lisieux to pray over the tomb of the young Carmelite that she faced so much in her life, without neglecting for a moment the practice of her faith. .

The devotion to Teresita grew surrounded by miraculous stories of cures for illnesses and conversions, of wonders always associated with the sudden cure of different ailments.

Some of the most famous miracles of Saint Teresa of Lisieux

  • He provided healing to a religious sister who had a severe stomach ulcer.
  • He cured a young man with pulmonary hemoptysis disease.
  • He also performed bodily healings on other people who visited his grave.

Why is Santa Teresita known as Patroness of the Missions?

Soldiers participating in World War I flocked to Lisieux to thank him for helping them stay alive.

Thus, Teresa is beatified on April 29, 1923 by Pope Pius XI.

Teresa of the Child Jesus was canonized on May 17, 1925 by the same pontiff and proclaimed patron saint of missions Despite never having left the convent, he always prayed for the cure of many missionaries who came to the convent.

On October 19, 1997, Pope Saint John Paul II proclaimed her a Doctor of the Universal Church, being the third woman to receive that title.

This was due to his autobiography, considered today one of the most famous spiritual classics, the foundation of the faith of millions of Catholics in all ages.

Prayer to Saint Therese of the Child Jesus to ask a favor

We pray to Santa Teresita for health and the cure of diseases, as witnessed by the miracles that surround her figure, and for that immense love that she professed in life.

Oh Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, model of humility, trust and love!

From the heights of the heavens, shed leaves on us those roses that you carry in your arms:

the rose of humility, so that we surrender our pride and accept the yoke of the Gospel;

the rose of trust, so that we abandon ourselves to the Will of God and rest in his Mercy;

the rose of love so that, opening our souls without measure to grace,

let us achieve the only purpose for which God has created us in his Image: to love him and make him love.

You who spend your Heaven doing good on earth,

Help me in this need and grant me from the Lord what I ask of You,

if it has to be for the glory of God and the good of my soul. So be it.

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