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Are Santa Teresa de Ávila and Teresita del Niño Jesús the same figure?

Santa Teresa and Santa Teresita

We have heard a lot about Santa Teresita and Santa Teresa, however, they are religious figures that have generated an immense controversy about whether or not they constitute the same saint.

However, in Catholic religiosity it is presented that they are two different saints, but that they have much in common, in addition to the name and the faith that they promulgated.

Both are doctors of the Church and both mention the catechism of the Catholic Church when talking about the subject of prayer.

In addition, these two saints shared their faith and their vision of God, in addition to their love for the Bible, missionary projection and faith in the Church.

Saint Teresa of Avila, the holy mystic

Prayer to Saint Teresa of Jesus
St. Teresa of Jesus

Also known as Saint Teresa of Jesus, she was born in Ávila in Spain.aña in 1515 and spent his religious life in the Carmel of the Ancient Observance.

She was the founder of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, both female and male.

He dedicated part of his life to missions on the roads of Spain.aña and he was regarded as mystical and intellectual.

Her secular name was Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda Dávila y Ahumada.

Saint Therese, the young servant of Jesus

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus print
Print of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Teresita was baptized with the name of María Francisca Teresa, but in her family she was always called by her third name, which she kept in religious life.

She was a Discalced Carmelite, a convent of which Santa Teresa was the patron and founder.

But Teresita never left the convent where she entered at the age of 15 because she died in her youth.

It is known as Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús or Teresa de Lisieux, or simply, Santa Teresita.

Similarity of thought in both Santas

Both Santa Teresa and Santa Teresita, had experiences close to God, due to their similar behaviors with sinners, their parables and their special devotion to the moments of the life of Jesus in which his weakness, his passion and his humanity are most glimpsed. .

They both converted their faith and thought after a vision of Jesus.

Saint Teresa, upon seeing an image of Christ tied to the column and Saint Therese, the Child Jesus appears to her and helps her not to cry anymore and to behave like an adult.

They both also have the experience of Jesus as their Teacher.

Saint Teresa of Jesus wrote:

"When his Majesty wants, at one point he teaches everything, so that I am scared."

 And Teresa of the Child Jesus declared:

“Do not think that I am swimming between consolations.

No, my consolation is not having him on earth.

Without showing himself, without making me hear his voice, Jesus secretly instructs me; he does not do it using books, because I do not understand what I read "

Teresa and Teresita both wrote very similar and very advanced texts for the ecclesiastical thought of the time in which they lived, in which they defend women while proclaiming the word of Christ and the Christian faith.

Learn about some of the prayers and more about the lives of both Saints:

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