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The three avatars of Saint Lazarus the Holy Missionary

Saint Saint Lazarus

San Lázaro is a very venerated and loved saint in Cuba, most Cuban homes have his representation either in a statuette or a small statue, thus displaying a wide arsenal of devotees who believe in his miracles with blind faith.

Lazarus means "God is my help", this saint is attributed the accomplishment of the greatest number of miracles on our island, for this reason he is named the Miraculous Saint.

The three avatars of Saint Lazarus

In Cuba three stories of Saint Lazarus are worshiped, the most popular being the one that recounts the life of the holy beggar.

Saint Lazarus:

The brother of Martha and Mary Magdalene, who lived in a town on the outskirts of Jerusalem, provided shelter for Jesus on several occasions, he later died and was resurrected by the Lord, which is why history identifies him as synonymous with resurrection. Years later he became a Bishop.

Lazarus the beggar:

This path tells the story of two men named the same, but with very different values ​​and ways of seeing life, the rich man who, because of his ambition, is condemned to pay for his sins in hell and the poor man who obtains glory by crossing the gates of heaven. .

Babalu Aye:

Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon with which this Catholic saint is syncretized who paid for his sins through the disease that led him to death, thanks to the goddess of sweet waters Oshún, the God Olofin gave him life back and returned to earth charitable to the suffering and merciful.

Babalú Ayé in the Osha

He is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, his name means father of the world, he is wise and his appearance is that of an old and sick man who is accompaniedaña of two dogs who are his only company.

Babalu Aye It is the deity that represents epidemics, dermatological diseases such as smallpox and leprosy to name a few conditions, in the same way it represents venereal diseases.

His days of the week are Wednesday and Friday. Its necklace is made with black and red beads, in other holy houses it is composed of white beads with a purple stripe. In the same way, their bracelets are made with a jute bag and snails. This deity is received according to tradition in the Aará land, which is in the Cuban province of Matanzas.

Awan of San Lázaro

Purple and white candles, coconuts, dry wine, sacrificed animals are offered to this deity.

The awan is an offering and a very powerful spiritual cleansing work with which Saint Lazarus works, through it we purify ourselves and bring the blessing of the miraculous saint, we remove diseases, misfortunes, misfortunes and curses from our lives.

His most popular offering being the realization of an awan, a tribute in which 17 elements are placed such as grains, sugar, rice, red onion, unroasted coffee beans, oil, white wine, red wine, sesame, peanuts and salt among others. .

This is placed in a corner of the house and covered with a jute bag or purple cloth, a candle is lit and left for 17 days, then it is collected and taken to the Rincón (Sanctuary of San Lázaro).

Eve of his saints

On December 16, the eve of his saints, Saint Lazarus is watched in homes, altars are set up to pay tribute to him, candles are lit for him around midnight so that his spirit, guided by divine light, can penetrate the home.

Dry wine, flowers and sweets are placed on him, families gather to pay homage to him, tradition dictates that everyone must dress in purple because this is their representative color. 

The Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Rincón

Its festivity is celebrated every year on December 17, the date on which its church the Sanctuary of the Rincón or National Sanctuary of San Lázaro as it is also known receives thousands of pilgrims, it is located in the municipality of Boyeros in the province from Havana.

This pilgrimage is so crowded that it is necessary for the authorities to close the streets and prohibit access by motor vehicles or animal-drawn vehicles to access the church.

His believers dress in sack clothes and others do it wearing purple clothes, they offer great sacrifices, they offer flowers, candles, alms and crutches, an element that represents the saint, since he is responsible for the miracle of healing people suffering from multiple orthopedic conditions.

To the miraculous old man we offer our faith and devotion, so that he intercedes on our behalf, with health and much prosperity.

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