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Being like Saint Thomas: seeing is believing ► Powerful student prayer

saint thomas student prayer

Saint Thomas of Aquino He was a Catholic theologian and philosopher belonging to the Order of Preachers, he is considered today the main representative of scholastic teaching.

Doctrine that he defended and on which he based his studies throughout his life, the same period that he used to lead by example in the presence and absence of his students, whom he instructed in the rules of truth and discipline.

The patron saint of universities

Saint Thomas is considered the patron saint of Catholic universities and study centers, where the teachings dictated by the Bible, the governing document of the Catholic faith, are deepened.

In turn Santo Tomás introduced norms extracted from the studies of Aristotle whom he recognized as a great thinker.

How is Saint Thomas represented?

Saint Thomas is represented:

  • Wearing a Dominican habit of carmelite color,
  • this one carries a book in one hand,
  • the sun rises from the middle of his chest,
  • he carries a representation of a church under his right arm.

His festival is celebrated every year on January 28, although on several occasions it has been chosen to offer him a whole week of tribute.

What does it mean: To be like Saint Thomas, seeing is believing?

The popular phrase to be like Saint Thomas seeing is believingToday it is widely accepted in popular worship, and if we go back to its true meaning, it refers to the desire of the theologian and philosopher for research and study.

It is said of Santo Tomás to have been a man with great intelligence and capacity for deduction, virtues that he used in the irrefutable search for the truth.

Student's prayer to Santo Tomás to obtain good academic results.

Ineffable Creator, you who are the true source of light and wisdom and the supreme principle of all things.

Deign to infuse the darkness of my intelligence with the brilliance of your clarity, removing from me the darkness in which I was born: sin and ignorance.

You, who make the language of children eloquent, also educate mine and infuse my lips with the grace of your blessing.

Give me sharpness to understand, capacity to assimilate, method and facility to learn, ingenuity to interpret and abundant grace to speak.

Give me success when starting, direction when progressing and perfection when finishing, you who are true God, a man who lives and reigns, for ever and ever. Amen.

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