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Do you know these 8 Auxiliary Saints? Its Santoral and ways to protect ourselves

Holy Auxiliary Saints

What are you waiting for to know which saint will be able to help you before the arrival of illness or to prevent it?

Lean on the Holy Helpers to overcome the difficult hours and after you obtain your proof of faith thank him during his saints.

1. Saint Dionysus is invoked to appease headaches

Saint Saint Denis is called mainly to:

  • Soothe headaches and
  • relieve sleepless nights.

Moments in which worries take over the man, preventing him from reaching the desired rest.

  • October 9st Saint Dionisio, the patron saint of pastry chefs, is celebrated.

2. Saint Erasmus is called to combat gastrointestinal diseases

Saint Erasmus, saint whose feast takes place the June 2 It is requested in order to combat gastrointestinal diseases.

Ailments that are associated with poor handling of emotions and stress in periods close to eating.

Saint Erasmus is:

  • The patron saint of sailors and violinists,
  • considered a defender of just causes.

Devotees turn to this saint when they feel that their paths are crooked.

3. Saint Eustace is invoked in difficult situations and family problems

Saint Eustace is the patron saint of hunters.

This is invoked before difficult situations and family problems, with the faith that it mediates in the finalization of disputes.

Saint Eustace is prayed to uncoverañar matters in which the hand of man is not capable of resolving.

This saint protects from stress.  

  • His holiday is celebrated the September 20.

4. Saint Gil the protector of the poor and sinners

  • The September 1 Saint Gil is celebrated, the protector of the poor and sinners.

This saint is requested to prevent epidemics and ward off death.

San Gil is pilgrimage every year by those who from their hearts make him the confidant of their most secret sins.

5. Saint George is invoked to get the healing of pets

Saint George, a saint who was a soldier in life, is invoked to cure domestic animals.

Due to his unique virtue he was dubbed as the protector of pets.

  • His saints take place April 23, when the legend of how Saint George defeated the dragon to rescue the princess is remembered.

6. Saint Margaret protects during childbirth

  • From 20 July Saint Margaret, the Catholic Virgin who protects during childbirth, will be venerated.

This saint is credited with ensuring the integrity of women in labor, so that both mother and baby go through the process of giving birth, safe and sound.

7. Saint Pantaleon is the protector of doctors

Saint Pantaleon is the protector of doctors.

This saint is asked for doctors to successfully carry out the procedures they will carry out for the relief and healing of their patients.

This saint is given assistance so that medical errors do not occur during surgical interventions.

  • His saints are celebrated on July 27.

8. Saint Vitus the saint invoked against epilepsy 

Saint Vitus, the saint invoked against epilepsy, receives all the requests that are made to him.

Before his image, the desperate come to pray for good health for their families and children.

Saint Vitus also protects dancers and dogs.

  • His festivity takes place the June 15.

Other powerful Saints who help us in hard times:

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