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6 Powerful Holy Helpers From What Diseases Do They Protect Us?

Holy Helpers

The Holy Helpers are a group of divinities that protect the afflicted, they show special interest in those people who come under their gaze to solve health causes.

1. To counteract headaches, pray to Saint Acacio

Saint Acacio, the saint who knows no evil, is invoked to counteract headaches.

  • Its saints are celebrated on May 8th.

He is considered a martyr of the Catholic Church and one of the main benefactors of humanity.

Although there are various organic and functional causes that explain the headache, spiritually the headache is related to:

  • Repressed emotions,
  • the worries and
  • those words that we keep imprisoned within our mind for fear of being judged or hurting others.

2. Santa Barbara is called to counteract the fever

  • 4th of December the feast of Santa Barbara, virgin and martyr of the religious people, is celebrated.

His intercession is invoked to counteract the fever.

Fact that is related to the association of Santa Barbara with fire, since in ancient times the first doctors symptomatically described fever as the warm and burning sensation that arose from the burning embers.

3. San Blas intercedes in the relief of sore throat

Saint Blas, who was a bishop in life, is called to relieve sore throats and coughs.

  • His feast is celebrated every year on 3 February, occasion in which the religious people pay him well-deserved tribute.

Unspoken words carry weight in the religious genesis of a sore throat, in the same way do reproaches and false testimonies raised against other people.

4. Saint Catherine protects man from the arms of sudden death

Saint Catherine of Alexandria is the virgin who guards man from the arms of sudden death.

  • It is adored the November 25th.

Sudden death is awarded to those people who for no apparent reason leave this world, despite their mission on earth not yet completed.

We pray to this saint to ward off this fatality and so that those souls who have had to leave the plane of earth in this way find consolation in her lap.

5. Saint Christopher is the holy protector against the bubonic plague

  • From 10 July many men and women come together to celebrate Saint Christopher the patron saint against the bubonic plague.

Disease that in the past claimed many human lives, snatching mothers, fathers, grandparents and children from families in droves.

Saint Christopher is also invoked to ask for protection in order to safeguard men safely during epidemics.

6. Saint Ciriaco goes to the deathbed so that souls are not lost

Saint Ciriaco, deacon and martyr until after his death is called to counteract temptation at the time of death.

This is so that the souls that are about to enter the kingdom of heaven are not disturbed by the false promises that the demons offer to the constrained ones.

  • It 8 August His saints are celebrated, the date on which he is asked to obtain conformity in the face of life's adversities.

We share some powerful prayers to the Saints:

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