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3 Prayers to Holy Patrons of Justice Asking for their divine protection!

Saints of justice

Justice and social good they have a worthy place in an increasingly chaotic world. Many are the faithful who pray never to abandon the correct path.

Several catholic saints, seen as representatives of justice and warriors for social good.

We pray to them fundamentally for justice and protection. If we suffer a grievance, we ask you to help us and give us strength to face the injustice:

  • San Martin de Porres
  • Saint Ivo
  • Saint Thomas of Aquino

These saints can advocate for the disadvantaged and help those who feel mistreated.

Through your help we can achieve inner peace and tranquility of spirit, knowing that we are being guided along the path of justice.

When should we ask these righteous saints to intercede?

The mission of the saints of justice is to help people to overcome abuse and impose the respect they deserve, in addition to fighting any type of injustice.

  • That is why we turn to these patrons of justice when we find ourselves in legal dilemmas, so that they restore order and that people can continue to be loyal to their spiritual convictions.

If we go through personal problems and have been subjected to abuse or crime, we must pray to these saints for guidance on the best way to seek truth and justice about all things.

Saint Martin, patron saint of social justice and race relations

San Martin de Porres

Martín, known as the saint of charity and the saint with the broom, due to his dedication to work, is recognized as the protector of all the unfortunate who resorted to him.

San Martín was born on December 9, 1579 and grew up in poverty. When he was 11 years old, he was transferred to the Dominican convent, who received him, but due to his color he could not follow the path of the higher orders, which was only accepted as a lay brother.

But there he was known as a man of charity and love in attending to the sick and the poor who came to the convent.

In addition, he had established an orphanage for children who had no parents, or for those children who had been abandoned. Even close to his stay in the convent, he had designed a special place of refuge and veterinary help for the animals.

Finally, due to his many virtues, he was accepted into the convent and after nine years he was able to make his religious profession. He was always seen as an obedient, charitable, very pious brother.

On June 10, His Holiness Pope Pius XII authorized the President of Peru, Mariscal Benavides, to declare San Martín de Porres, patron of social Justice in Peru.

The faithful today pray to Saint Martin for peace and justice in the world and so that souls are not lost and can be saved through the intercession of the holy and Catholic Church.

He is also asked for health, for the family, for sick or lost animals, financial help, for love, to ask for a favor and everything we need from the heart.

Miraculous Prayer to San Martín de Porres for difficult cases

So we pray to Saint Martin, Catholic patron saint of race relations and social justice

Kind and admirable, example of deep commitment, San Martín de Porres, patron of social justice

We come today to ask for your help, our saint, to ask for your strength to fight against the injustice that haunts this world.

Give us faith, merciful Saint Martin, and help us to seek a more just society

Infuse our hearts with the same love to share our gifts and talents in charity and solidarity with those who need it most today, especially in the service of work for social justice.

Help us to be generous with our kindness and companionship in that work.

Saint Martin de Porres, we ask you to intercede and obtain for us from God the grace to accompanyañaFor those who suffer from systematic and cyclical racism and poverty, as you did throughout your life.


Saint Ivo, patron saint of lawyers

Among the saints who fought for the just is Saint Ivo, the patron saint of lawyers.

He was born in the province of Bretaña in France and obtained a doctorate as a lawyer.

Saint Ivo is known as a holy fighter for the needy. Returning to Bretaña After his law studies, he was appointed a judge of the court and in that position he protected orphans and the poorest from injustice and social disparity.

He was highly respected as an impartial judge who visited prisons and defended those who could not afford the services of a lawyer.

In his capacity as judge, he never accepted bribes and fought against all kinds of violence, always inviting the parties to dialogue and resolve the dispute amicably.

After serving as a judge, he was ordained as a priest and in that condition he dedicated the last 15 years of his life to building a hospital for the sick.

On May 19, 1303, very ill, he celebrated Holy Mass supported by collaborators of his Church.

At the end of it, he asked that the Anointing of the Sick be administered to him and he died peacefully at the age of 50.

His most outstanding maxims, the object of study for many jurists today, are:

  • Never accept unjust causes, since they are dangerous to your conscience and dignity
  • Do not defend any cause with illegal means
  • Do not charge the client useless expenses; otherwise, you will have to refund
  • Defend the cause of your client with the same heat as if it were your own
  • The lawyer must implore divine help to defend the causes because God is the first protection of Justice
  • The lawyer must always keep justice and honesty in mind and keep them as the pupil of the eyes

Prayer of lawyers to San Ivo to solve criminal disputes fairly

Thus, to Saint Ivo, the patron saint of lawyers, we pray with this prayer to resolve legal disputes, especially when we feel that we are victims of injustice.

Glorious Saint Ivo that while you lived among us you were the lawyer of the poor,

Lord, you who always fought for the wrongfully accused,

Providence of all those in need: hear our prayer today.

Let us love justice as you loved it, make us know how to defend our rights

without causing harm or offending others, and seeking above all reconciliation and peace.

Arouse protectors who defend the cause of the oppressed so that justice is based on love.

Give us a humble and disinterested heart, capable of sympathizing with the misery of others,

give us a spirit full of love for our neighbor and a generous human condition that leads us

Patron Saint of the underprivileged, just and prudent Saint Ivo you, the model of priests,

Your actions have made you worthy of great pages of history

Come and hear our prayer and help us with your goodness, now that we need justice to be favorable and magnanimous with us,

help us to solve the problems that anguish and worry us so much, give us what is necessary to remedy what ails and worries us today

Saint Ivo, pray for us! Amen.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, wisdom against injustice

Thomas the wise, was born between 1224 and 1225 in the castle that his noble family owned in Roccasecca. Young, he moved to the University of Naples.

But his Dominican vocation made him go to Paris to study theology with Albert the Great, whom he followed to Cologne, where he delved into the thought of Aristotle.

He concluded that a natural harmony subsists between Christian faith and reason.

With his great intellectual gifts, he decided to fight against the injustice and helplessness that reigned in the society of the time.

In addition, he began a huge literary production, which continued until his death.

From studying and teaching, Thomas also dedicated himself to preaching and helping the poor and disadvantaged.

His intellect led him to care for society, for the inclusion of those who did not possess wealth or social status, the poorest and most needy.

Thus we pray to Saint Thomas Aquinas for reason and justice

We ask Saint Thomas Aquinas to guide us with the light of his wisdom to fight for just causes.

We ask you to give us your intellect and your faith in reason to support the weakest.

If we have been victims of any injustice, we also pray to Saint Thomas Aquinas to bless us and guide us to seek justice and knowledge.

Merciful and wise Saint Thomas, you who are the true source of light and knowledge

Help me in this need to find the best solution to my problem

Illuminate the darkness of my intelligence and remove the darkness of sin and ignorance

So that I can find the path of justice and reason

My miraculous Saint, you who educated the underprivileged and fought for the poor

Give me your wisdom and insight to understand, ability to assimilate and ease to learn,

In order to solve my dilemmas and finally follow the path of happiness

You, who with faith and wisdom illuminate my days, I ask you not to let go of my hand

Don't let me, Saint Thomas, fall into ignorance,

Help me to always see the bright side of things

So be it, Amen

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