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Saints to celebrate in December: Saint Barbara and Saint Lazarus

Santos in december

December arrives and with it one of the most anticipated stages by Catholics and Yoruba alike. In the same cult, the adoration of the saints and the orishas who celebrate their days in this last month of the year is founded.

To Saint Barbara, the holy justice and protector and Saint Lazarus, the holy healer, to Shango the Orisha of Thunder and Babalu Aye, the Orisha of Diseases, are celebrated in this month.

Santa Bárbara and Shango unite their worship and festivities this December 4, when the devotees will pay homage and devotion to them both in sanctuaries and in home altars.

Meanwhile, San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé will be celebrated together on December 17, and their followers will venerate them in the San Lázaro Sanctuary in Havana and illuminate them in their homes.

Santos Yoruba OrishaCelebration dateDeities of:
Santa BarbaraShangoDecember 4Related to lightning, storms, force and justice
Saint LazarusBabalu AyeDecember 17Patterns of diseases, pests, epidemics and healing.

Santa Bárbara and Shango, the protectors and juticieros

Shango and Santa Barbara Day

The feast of Santa Barbara is December 4 Throughout the world and in Cuba, the Catholic and Yoruba cult is merged, since that day also is celebrated in eternal syncretism, Shango, the warrior Orisha and King of Fire and Thunder.

Most of the devotees of Santa Bárbara and Shango celebrate that day dressed in red in honor of the saint and the Orisha and both pay homage and beg for protection.

Shango is venerated by many in their homes through an altar. There they render devotion to him through offerings and ceremonies and ask for his favor and protection.

From the miraculous Santa Barbara, her devotees ask for protection against enemies, injustice and envy.

Those who have to face difficult and desperate situations and those who are victims of confrontations pray to her, because she is the saint of those who fight.

Santa Barbara and the Orisha Shango are highly revered deities in Cuba.

For this reason, on Saint Barbara's Day its devotees go to the National Shrine dedicated to the saint, located in the Párraga neighborhood, in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo.

They worship both there and offer him red flowers and apples of that color, light candles and pray to him always thanking him for his protection.

Saint Lazarus and the Orisha Babalú Ayé, the healers in the World

Saint Lazarus Day in Cuba

Maybe is the celebration of Saint Lazarus in syncretism with Babalú Ayé on December 17, one of the oldest and most popular acts of veneration in Cuba.

Every year on this date the devotees offer the saint and the Orisha great offerings and sacrifices, many fulfill promises, make sacrifices and wear sackcloth in honor of both deities.

The pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of San Lázaro is one of the greatest Cuban traditions and thousands of people come to that place to thank, pray and meditate, to implore the miracles of the saint-orisha who healer of diseases.

The Sanctuary of San Lázaro is located west of the capital city of Santiago de las Vegas, precisely in the town of "El Rincón" and is today one of the most revered places in the country.

The devotees go to the Sanctuary loaded with flowers, candles and offerings, some go barefoot and others drag heavy objects for kilometers in order to show the saint their sacrifice and the fulfillment of the promises, to also ask for their health and that of their family.

Many fall on their knees to pray to him for the end of diseases and his miraculous help.

In December, Cuba dresses in red and purple, representative colors of saints and orishas, ​​dresses with faith, promises and requests, in the last month of the year the religious pray for a more prosperous year and many blessings.

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