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In September we celebrate Saints and Orishas

Holy september

The Cuban people pay love and devotion to the deities in each celebration, professing religion in the Creole way, with pure syncretism and transculturation and uniting in one the ritual of homage to the Saints and Orishas.

They pray to the saints and in his image they also render devotion to the Orishas of the Yoruba religion. And this September in the Afro-Cuban culture there are several saints and Orishas who celebrate their day in the Cuban identity way.

We describe below the celebrations for Saints and Orishas this September:

Orisha and SantoCelebration date
Yemayá and the Virgin of ReglaSeptember 7
Oshún and the Virgin of Charity CopperSeptember 8
Obbatalá and the Virgen de las MercedesSeptember 24
Aggayu SoláSeptember 26
Ibeyis and San Cosme and San DamianoSeptember 26

Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla

Virgin of Regla

Day: September 7th

Yemayá, the queen of the waters, syncretizes in her celebration with the Virgin of Regla, and that day both deities receive the devotion of the Cubans in the same cult in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, located in the capital municipality of the same name. . There that day, hundreds of people come to celebrate and worship the deity.

The multitude of devotees of the patron saint of Regla and Reina del Mar, wears blue and white colors, symbols of Yemayá. And they carry offerings to the bay, showing the saint their gratitude, their loyalty, and their devotion and imploring her for her blessings.

The procession in her honor in which the Virgin of Regla participate with all her ornaments, Catholic priests and other ministers of the church, is a display of charm and heritage and traditional values ​​of that town.

And many are the people who worship the Orisha Yemayá on the altars of their houses, with touches, offerings, addimús and other expressions of gratitude and fervor.

Oshún and the Virgin of Charity Copper

who is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

Day: September 8th

On September 8, Cubans celebrate the Patron Saint of Cuba, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and the Yoruba Orisha of Love, Oshún.

At the Sanctuary of Caridad del Cobre, located at the top of Cerro de Maboa, 27 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, the devotees come to pay tribute to the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre, mother of all Cubans already Oshún, which represent both the intensity of feelings and spirituality, love and femininity.

That day the believers pray to her, put candles, sunflowers and offer offerings, thanking both mothers for their blessings and asking for protection and, above all, health for pregnant women and women in labor, as well as for the baby to be born.

That day Oshún is also venerated in the houses of the saint, with dances and respect and immense faith on the part of the Cubans. She is filled with sunflowers, candles, offerings and her blessing is always asked.

Obatalá and the Mercedes

Virgin of the Mercedes in Cuba

Day: September 24th

We celebrate Obbatalá every September 24, father of all the children on Earth and the merciful Virgen de las Mercedes.

A white crowd arrives every September at the doors of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Merced located on Cuba and Merced streets, in Old Havana to pay homage to both deities and beg for their blessings, and above all ask for good health.

The Virgin of Las Mercedes is considered the patron saint of prisoners and therefore her devotees pray to her for peace and prosperity and above all for the freedom of their loved ones, in a celebration of great faith and solidarity.

Obbatalá, like all Orishas, ​​is also celebrated on the altars of the houses of Yoruba devotees with touches, with offerings, candles and flowers, all white for the deity of purity.

Aggayú Solá and San Cristóbal de la Habana

Aggayú Santeria

Day: September 26th

Aggayú Solá, Orisha of nature and of the volcano, is shown gratitude for her blessings on September 26.

"The one who covers the desert with his voice" is the meaning from which the name of Aggayú Solá, the Orisha who represents the impressive natural forces, comes from. The volcano, the magma and the interior of the earth are ruled by Aggayú, who lives in the current of the river and is the bastion of Osha.

But Aggayú Solá is also a holy benefactor and protector of his devotees. And that is why in his celebration he is entertained with drumbeats to invoke him to celebrate among his devotees, as well as offerings and addimús to venerate him and thank one of the most energetic and powerful orishas, ​​the Giant of the Osha.

Aggayú in the syncretization of African and Spanish cultures, is compared to the saint San Cristóbal, also considered a giant for his great size and courage. Protective symbol of Havana, benefactor of the most disadvantaged and sick, lookout for travelers, sailors, transporters and boatmen. In Cuba, the San Cristóbal procession takes place on November 16.

The Saint and the Orisha are prayed for protection and a wave of faith covers the devotees.

Ibeyis and San Cosme and San Damiano

History of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien

Day: September 26

On September 26, the Ibeyis, the Orishas twins and the patrons of the doctors, San Cosme and San Damián, are celebrated.

That day the devotees thank him for his blessings, especially those who have prayed for the cure of diseases and ask for his protection and health, but also the parents of young children, especially twins, invoke and ask for well-being for their children. .

The Ibeyis are fortune and joy, intelligence and goodness, they are capable of saving from death and all kinds of curses, they are protectors of the mountain walkers. In addition, they protect all children, because they themselves are playful, mischievous and sweet-toothed infants.

For their part, Saint Cosme and Saint Damien, twin brothers, are seen today as the patrons of Catholic doctors, since they practiced medicine without charging anything to poor patients, they brought the word of God to the poorest and cured and healed his step. These four brothers, the two saints and the two African Orishas, ​​are venerated this day in a single cult and a single faith.

September is an important month for all religious, the month of the Gods, of the Orishas, ​​of the Saints, an opportunity to strengthen our faith and give thanks for the blessings received.

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