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Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, veneration of the queen of the waters

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla

Regla is a sea town, a place where the blue is constant and you can breathe clean air with touches of salt from all corners.

Upon arrival, an inner peace is immediately felt by the vision of the waters and the serenity that the reflection of the sun provides on the skin.

Regla has more than three centuries of existence and its aboriginal name, Guaicanamar, means facing the sea.

It is said that its origin is linked to the Virgin of Our Lady of Regla, Yemaya in the Yoruba Religion. For her and for its famous sanctuary, the town is named like this.

El Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla It is also a reflection of the sea, the beauty and the ancient traditions that unite the roots of this Caribbean Island with the African culture.

Miracles in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla

There is no ostentation in the small temple that keeps the Virgin of Regla, Yemayá, Queen of the Waters, who wears blue clothing, adorned with white lace, and it is not necessary either, compared to the immense devotion that Cubans feel for the deity, whom they celebrate, pray, thank and worship.

Miracles are heard about the Virgin of Regla. The legend of the deacon San Cipriano reached Cuba, who managed to save the image of the Virgin from the invasion of the Vandals, safely crossing the dangerous Strait of Gibraltar.

Thus, it was worshiped in the then Guaicanamar, through an oil painting located in the first hermitage of guano built in that place.

In 1696 a renowned Castilian brought to Cuba from Spainaña, the statue of the black virgin, which was placed in what is now the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla.

The legend of the sea is in Regla

The current Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla it was built in 1811, in September.

Gonzalo Herrera was the godfather, although the tower and the façade were completed in 1818, through the works of the mathematician Pedro Abad Villarreal, and the builder Don Pedro Justiniani.

There the followers of the Rule of Ocha attend, to worship in the syncretism always present in Cuban culture, Yemayá, mother of life and protector of sailors.

In fact, for hundreds of years those who go to sea have come to pray to the deity. The Virgin of Regla is a symbol of protection against storms.

Therefore they can be heard in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, not a few stories of Cuban sailors who have implored the virgin and have been saved by a miracle.

Virgin of Regla. Sanctuary in Cuba: Produced by Soy Yoruba Official Page

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