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National Sanctuary of San Lázaro, the consolation of pilgrims

National Sanctuary of San Lázaro

In Cuba, el National Sanctuary of San Lázaro He is one of the most recognized representatives of religious syncretism and of the mixture of the Catholic figure of Saint Lazarus and Babalu Aye, an orisha who cures diseases and whose iconography is similar.

Both are represented by an old man who walks on crutches and always carries two dogs with him, who lick his sores.

And those who know about the pilgrimage to pay tribute to the Church of San Lázaro, popularly called "El Rincón", know that it is not only limited to the month of December.

The pilgrimage in the name of the old man San Lázaro:

Months before, people who have prayed to the deity of the Catholic religion and representative of Afro-Cuban culture have already passed through Cuban roads..

Those who have made promises to you keep them to the letter.

Many of these cases have been recognized throughout history.

Like a father who prayed to the holy orisha for his sick son and vowed, year after year, to drag a stone tied to his leg on his way for miles to the sanctuary.

Like him, thousands of people walk through numerous places on their knees, with chains or carrying offerings. Others arrive on foot, on horseback, and by all kinds of transport and from all over Cuba.

They will honor him and ask for health from San Lázaro, Babalú Ayé, on December 17th.

Keeping promises to Saint Lazarus
Pilgrim fulfilling promise to Saint Lazarus

The Corner of all Cubans:

El National Sanctuary of San Lázaro, It is located west of the capital city of Santiago de las Vegas, precisely in the town of "El Rincón" and is today one of the most revered places in the country.

It includes a Catholic church with altars or chapels that are also dedicated to other deities venerated by Cubans such as Caridad del Cobre and Santa Bárbara, among other exponents of the Afro-Cuban religion.

But it is December 17, the day of Saint Lazarus and Babalu AyeThousands of believers are going to thank or ask for help from the saint and the orisha venerated by all Cubans.

Saint Lazarus

Learn more about the powerful and merciful old man San Lázaro:

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