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In Ogbe Otura Ifá prohibits keeping secrets ► Tips from this Odun

Secrets in Ogbe Otura

In a family in which they were engaged in the firewood and oil trade, a young man grew up who had been educated in the principles of the family business.

As time went by, the son matured becoming a good man, in whom the responsibility of providing the sustenance of the home had soon fallen.

Pataki where the father forgives the son and peace is achieved

One day a religious festival was held in the village, attended by all the families.

In the middle of the treat, the merchant came across a very showy woman with red skin, she had a high sympathy, a fact that made her stand out from the other maidens.

A reality that stimulated in him a particular taste for her, an event that later turned into a beautiful romance.

After a few months, the relationship between the two began to develop despite having developed in the absence of the family's consent.

When the merchant's father found out about the relationship, he completely opposed it because years before he had loved the same woman.

As a result of this event, the relationship between father and son became cold and distant.

The father suffered the separation of his son, so in the long run he had to end up accepting the union of his son, realizing that both the woman and her descendant were unaware of the ties that united them.

In this way the father forgave his son and in time they were able to live together in peace.

Ifá councils through the odun Ogbe Otura.

In Ogbe Otura Ifá recommends not keeping secrets or omitting truths that in the long run compromise the person, because through this odun all hidden events sooner or later are revealed.

This sign shows the emergence of family conflicts resulting from the arrival of a third person.

So you have to be very careful with having certain intimate conversations in front of friends or people outside the home.

Ogbe Otura warns of the estrangement between a father and his son, a fact that Orula recommends eradicating, since it is the will of Constitution that the family is united so that together they can face the good and bad moments that destiny brings.

  • This sign reveals the need for the home to be the pillar that strengthens the individual, since it is precisely in the family where the iré that is needed to function with good fortune is received.

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