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The secrets of the sign Ogbe Obara Where is your I will go? Some advices

Secrets Ogbe Obara
  • The face bean, patterned clothing and toxic habits are taboos born in the Ifá sign Ogbe Obara.
  • You will be able to go through legal problems, keep your business in order so that you do not suffer misunderstandings with the authorities.
  • Pay close attention to a tip that a person who combs gray can give you, as it will be of vital importance for your future.
  • Do not fight with others in search of refuting your criteria, listen to what they have to say and if you do not agree, simply leave the room without arguing.
  • You have planned to make a proposal to a person, make an ebbo before talking to him so that the deal is closed without inconvenience.
  • Among your descendants you will have a male child.
  • Be careful as one of your enemies will perform a curse on you to avenge a wrong done in the past.

You will be victorious at gambling

Gambling will bring you fortune as you were born with the gift of gambling.

Do not allow anyone into your home, as everyone around you does not approach you with good intentions.

When you go down the street:

  • Do not respond to another call other than your name,
  • do not buy problems that do not concern you and
  • be careful when walking do not hurt your leg by accident.

Ogbe Obara must win his independence

Make sacrifices to the Orishas for luck to come into your life.

In Ogbe Obara you suffer from cardiovascular and circulatory ailments, go to the doctor and fully comply with the treatment imposed so that complications do not appear.

You cannot live attached to any place, you must fight to have your independence and to remain in a stable job.

Do not take all problems so seriously, as constant worries can have unfavorable health repercussions.

Be considerate of the person who reciprocates with you and don't put your hands on fire for anyone.

Ogbe Obara must be moved by deeds and not be dazzled by words.

Other 5 tips of the Ogbe Obara sign for the religious

  1. As long as you are a humble person, you will succeed in life.
  2. Attend to their spirits and you will never be stranded from their protection.
  3. Talk to your children and negotiate their decisions with them, make them see you as a friend to trust and not a person who will judge them.
  4. Your iré will be subject to the performance of the ebbó, a ceremony that will provide you with development and health.
  5. Ogbe Obara raises pigeons to prosper, in such animals you will find the blessings of Obatalá the Orisha owner of all heads.

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