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Holy Week and Santeria, should religious activity cease?

Holy Week Santeria

Holy Week is a holiday religious Very important in Christian culture, it commemorates the last days of Jesus Christ from the time he entered Jerusalem until his resurrection.

During the last week of Lent these celebrations are held, this year 2023 already began on Sunday, April 2 and ends on the 9th, which is Easter Sunday.

These festivities that date from the year 325 are specified for the entire Catholic environment and are celebrated once a year.

However, before Christ and the ancients welcomed the arrival of spring, for them this was a hopeful stage after the catastrophes produced by the harsh and cold winter.

Spring is synonymous with everything that flourishes and is reborn in the meadows and forests, it represents fertility in crops, and with it, reproduction in animals also begins. Its meaning is the representation of life, hope and rebirth.

Why in some religious houses are the Orishas usually covered or not worked with them?

During Holy Week the Catholic Saints are in mourning for the death of Christ, but in reality this has nothing to do with the Yoruba religion or the Rule of Osha-Ifá, popularly known as Santeria.

But dear friend, customs endure and that's how it has been done since the days of andilanga (In the conga language it means long ago or from remote times). 

The truth is that there is no Yoruba tradition that dictates that the Orishas cover themselves at Easter, because in reality one religion has nothing to do with another.

As everybody know, religious syncretism fostered to that in one way or another the Catholic Saints were compared with the Oshas or Orishas.

The persecution, slavery and everything that our ancestors suffered It gave rise to them, in order to escape, not be persecuted and to be able to celebrate with their Orishas, ​​it occurred to them to make similarities, that is, to unite the characteristics of their African deities with those that were more or less similar to that of the Catholic Saints and thus syncretism emerges.

Now, centuries have passed and Afro-Cuban culture continues with its legacy, following in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Our ancestors went through many vicissitudes and they left as a legacy their strength and their life full of beautiful advice and religious messages, and syncretism has also been part of its history.

The reality is that many and important are the precepts within our religion and one of them is based on respect, we must learn to respect others in words, actions and thoughts, even those with an evil heart and our enemies. 

My opinion about our Yoruba religion at Easter:

Just because in my religious house or yours things are done in a specific way, does not mean that others should do the same or similar.

Each one is a world and the word respect is important for everyone and especially for the religious.

In my case, I respect this week, I cover my saints and I don't ask them, nor do I do rituals for them to rest.

In short, whatever religion we profess, respect must always prevail without offense or harmful criticism.

Since the times of our African ancestors, syncretism has existed and many of us learned it that way.

Our ancestors did it because of the oppression they were subjected to, but it continued to this day, it is the decision of each religious to respect it or not.

Whether or not Holy Week is respected today in some Ilé Osha (religious houses) does not mean that we are disrespectful, or that we do not believe in our Oshas and Orishas.

We are all brothers and we must bless each other, without causing disagreements and fights. May love and peace always be with us. Blessed Easter.

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Comments (3)

The documentary is very good, I also cover up, I don't ask them or do any type of work


Hello, I have a great question and I would like some great advice, please, my husband underwent Orula's hand not long ago and after that they sent him to receive Shango and because of the urgency and the enemies that are bothering him and to avoid more problems they gave it to him in payments, and to pay it has been very complicated for us, we have not had money and there is less to go and here we go but we are late for a month to pay because everything stopped at my husband's work, they fired him and we are left bad, now we deposit a payment but everything is still stopped and they keep throwing my husband, we went with his godfather and he told him that it is because he did not want to pay but we told him what happened and he said that the saint did all this because he did not want to pay, it was not like this, and the saint knows it, we owe rent to give priority to payments, it was my husband with his godfather and in the consultation it came out that the one who does not let him advance is his ex-wife and his ex-godfather and envy but he cannot do anything to defend himself since his godfather told him that from thecomplaint and that's it, and that a cleanup be carried out and now only complaining, my husband doesn't know how to consult since they haven't told him how or anything, the truth is I don't know if it's because the current godfather knows the ex-godfather and the ex Woman, I don't really understand what we can do to get ahead and finish paying and what advice can you give me, thank you very much and blessings


Carmen blessings.

Our Osha-Ifá religion is based on respect, and from what you have told me I have been surprised, that is why we can lose faith from so many things that we see and hear daily in religion, we have to be strong.

The Orisha knows that you are going through a bad patch and that has nothing to do, from my point of view, with the non-payment to the godfather. Godparents are there to help, not to harm, just as godchildren we should be grateful.

About the complaints to Shangó, it may be that in reality his Guardian Angel wishes to come and talk with him, the complaints are nothing more than conversations of the heart, in the complaint he is never asked to harm anyone.

Have you uncovered Shangó's batea and have you talked to him closely?
Has he lit a candle for you for 6 consecutive days, every day for a while and you are by his side talking?
Try to see, remember that faith works miracles and if Shango crowned you, he will answer you.

To open paths, put a bunch of green bananas hanging behind the front door of your house, smeared with corojo butter and tied with a red ribbon to ward off enemies and thus take away the bad.

Or put it on Shangó and after 6 days you should take it to the palm. Good luck and blessings for the roads to open.

send this message
Hello, I need to consult me. Can you send me the information and the price of the Spiritual Consultations guided by an Espiritista Santera? Thank you. Ashe 🙏