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Do you know the Peony? The powerful Cuban Seed of the Yoruba Religion

Santeria peony necklace

The Peony It is a plant that has been distributed throughout the American continent, a territory where it is also known under the name of Huayruro.

The red and black seed that from this sprout has been used by various generations for magical-religious and artisanal purposes.

For various cultures the Peony is a symbol of war, the American indigenous peoples assure that the spirits used the colors of the Peony as camouflage to win on the battlefield.

The shamans, maximum religious figures of these pre-Columbian tribes, cited the leaves of this plant and its seeds as a sacred complement in the making of the ritual elements of their deities.

The red and black seeds fight the evil eye.

Peony seed

In Cuba there is a faith that places red and black seeds as sacred objects.

These peculiar seeds are usually observed as a complementary element of the jet that are placed on young children.

Used in order to protect them from the influence and damage caused by the evil eye, an entity that produces numerous physical ailments in the infants of the home, but predominantly spiritual.

The Peony necklace is the eleke of the Orisha Eleguá

With the Peony a necklace or eleke own the Orisha ELEGUÁ. holy protector of destiny.

He marks his descendants with said amulet in order to provide them with development and health.

The peony necklace It was considered by the first Yorubas as the foundation eleke of Eshú, for which he himself usually lives inside the clay frying pan accompanied byañaGoing to the Orisha and radiating from his energy while the santero does not carry it.

Do you know the virtues of Huayruro? The seed of Peony

There is a popular belief where it is stated that bicolor seeds provide harmony and balance to those who carry them, protecting them from all evil and spell.

They are often used as compasses of destiny to guide men along the path of good fortune and good.

The Osha warns that in the ilé (home) where the Peony exists, dark spirits never enter, as it acts as a spiritual barrier against harmful influences and energy currents of damage that cause discomfort in the home.

The Peony protects from false and manipulative people who are popularly called "double-sided", allowing you to discover their true intentions.

It repels envy and all feelings contrary to the good and the love of neighbor.

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