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5 Ways to conduct ourselves and be a good religious ► Advice from a Santera

Be a good religious

As religious of our Rule of Osha-Ifá we must conduct ourselves appropriately and responsibly. Many guidelines and rules dictated within the religion, we must comply.

Today we make many mistakes, but let us be aware and rectify, it is never too late.

I share some advice that I believe to be a good religious we must have, qualities that we can reinforce little by little, from love and faith.

1. Self-control and peace within us

We must recognize our feelings and be able to regulate our way of acting.

Baba Obbatala He always teaches us and helps us to have more clarity in our thoughts and with his peace allows us to make better decisions with firmness.

Let us be responsible for our attitudes, and assume the consequences, if we are not able to control ourselves.

2. Stamina to reach our destiny in this life

Faced with adverse situations, we must be able to go through those difficult moments and come out of them stronger.

Skip that test! How? With faith, that faith that moves mountainsañayes, sit on your spiritual vault or light a candle and you will see that those ancient energies will respond to you.

Many say that the bad strengthens us, while some minimize their problem by downplaying it, others make them become more encyst in their life, it is your decision to choose what you will do.

You, as a good religious of faith, go for the first and remain firm, always think that you have your warrior Orishas who watch over you and win any battle.

3. Justice and good attitudes, above all

When we are not fair we must be able to assume that we are wrong.

It is not easy at all to be fair, sometimes we are not fair with ourselves. But as religious we must always have the sense of justice activated.

For example, when we do harm through deception, sooner or later we will pay for our fault.

Perhaps at the time of carrying out religious consultations and ordering the person who is consulted and who trusts us to do something, if you know that it is badly done, you should realize that you would not like it to be done to you and that in front of the Orishas is a serious fault.

In this case you are being unfair to that person who trusted you, call yourself to self-reflection, be upright and a good religious.

Orunmila says: There is an oracle on the king's lips, so that the judgment of his mouth is just.

4. Empathy to serve with humility

If you put yourself in someone else's shoes, you are already empathic.

Analyze for a second, how do you imagine yourself in the situation of another person you judge?

Surely wrong, and it is that we all do not deal with misfortunes in the same way.

As religious we have the duty to listen, try to understand, guide and give advice, it is not to consult and want to finish to receive financial retribution, because the true gift comes from love and humility, and it comes in the form of blessings.

Orunmila says: Always be in good shape, even to collect if they owe you.

5. Sacrifice to achieve our goals

Sometimes we have to put aside what is convenient for us to achieve our goals, persevere, fight for what we want.

If at a certain moment you wanted to get to Osha, and no one forced you, then you must attend them properly and if you are a godmother, godfather, Oriate or Babalawo you must fill in with your godchildren, with your Orishas and your ancestors.

It is our responsibility to be a good religious and give ourselves with devotion because that has been the path that Olofin entrusted and marked us, which says:

Honor the deities with your behavior and they will always be on your side.

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