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Shango Alafin, the wise and righteous King who guides the peoples

Shango Alafin

Shango He is a warrior Osha, the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas for people who follow the Rule of the Ocha (Santeria), for his sense of justice, his powers and his passion.

He is in the group of the head Oshas and is the Orisha of justice, dance, virile strength, thunder, lightning and fire, owner of the Batá, Wemdamientos, Ilú Batá or Bembés drums, of dance and music.

He is also the owner of the religious system of Osha-Ifá and it is he who represents the greatest number of favorable and unfavorable situations.

According to Yoruba legends, Shango was the first owner and interpreter of the Ifá oracle, and he is a diviner of the Diloggún oracle and that of Biange and Aditoto.

Shangó was the fourth Alafín or king of Òyó, this is the second dynasty of Oduduwá, after the destruction of Katonga, the first administrative capital of the Yoruba empire.

Shango Alafin, the righteous king

The Patakíes say that on this road to Shangó Alafin, the deity is associated with royalty, legislation and the government.

He was a strict and just king who led his people to improve economically.

Shango Alafin or Alafi Alafi is a sage who is highly respected for his sense of duty and justice and for the correct use of authority that gave him the respect of the gods themselves.

The teachings of Ifá and Shango Alafi Alafi

Shango Alafin He went to Earth, because the people had forgotten the teachings of Ifá and were marching to their own destruction.

So Alafin was sent with his brother Olodumare, to cleanse humanity and that the people follow and respect again the teachings and commandments of Ifá.

This path of Shango arrived at a momentous moment in Yoruba history, and he was a warrior king whom the generals of Ibadan loved, as he helped build the battle formations and with his knowledge and conquests the Yoruba empire extended from Mauritania to Gabon. .

Although after he became king, the people called him too strict and even a tyrant.

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